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Glasgow City Council

Maryhill and Springburn Constituency Election Region Results

Region Results for Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn


Name of Individual Candidates and Registered Political PartiesNo. of
Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party66
Alba Party529
All for Unity229
Communist Party of Britain44
Freedom Alliance - Integrity, Society, Economy63
Independent Green Voice244
Reform UK45
Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party2984
Scottish Family Party206
Scottish Green Party2847
Scottish Labour Party6722
Scottish Liberal Democrats503
Scottish Libertarian Party45
Scottish National Party (SNP)13158
Scottish Renew13
Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition60
Scottish Women's Equality Party60
Social Democratic Party19
The Reclaim Party15
UK Independence Party (UKIP)32
DONALDSON, Daniel - Independent13
ROSS, Craig - Independent36


Election Statistics
Total Electorate54,061
Percentage Poll 


Breakdown of Rejected Papers
Want of an official mark0
Voting for more than 1 candidate45
Writing or mark by which voter could be identified0
Unmark or void for uncertainty58
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