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Dressing the City Programme

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Dressing the City (DTC) is Glasgow City Council's (GCC) Street Banner Programme.  This programme is primarily used to promote the non-commercial activities undertaken by GCC and its Glasgow Family partners, including events promotion, civic messaging and as a way-finder and welcoming for conference visitors.


Dressing the City enables interested parties to make enquiries about installing banners on GCC owned infrastructure.

Activity is primarily restricted to:

  • event promotion
  • civic messaging and
  • wayfinding

The DTC programme promotes Glasgow and its cultural and sporting values, venues and activities, and its strong global marketing brand.

It is not intended as a medium for commercial advertising or marketing activities such as product launches, venue openings or media announcements etc.

Further guidance can be found under related documents in the "Guide to Dressing the City".

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If you require any further infromation then all enquiries should be addressed by Email to the City Centre Strategy Team.




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