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Host Family Supported Carer

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What does a Host Family Supported Carer do?

A Host Family Supported Carer (HFSC) offers safe and supportive accommodation for Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Young People (UASYP) aged 16-18 years. 

Your role as a Host Family Supported Carer, as well as offering a safe place to stay, is to:

  • provide support and guidance to learn about Scotland 
  • help the young people access all the great opportunities that Glasgow has to offer
  • help the young person work towards independence when it is right for them
  • help them become responsible citizens and achieve their dreams.

We have learned that, even though they have moved on, our young people keep in touch with the carers and they themselves offer friendship and advice to new arrivals. 

Interested in being a Host Family Supported Carer? Then email us on:

Why do you need Host Family Supported Carers?

There was a high numbers of Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children and Young People spontaneously arriving in Glasgow.  Some of the children are as young as 13 / 14; the majority are 16 / 17 by the time they arrive having undertaken very precarious journeys that can take months and even years.

The main reasons for fleeing the country of origin are conflict and war, oppressive governments, political / religious / social persecution, abuse and exploitation.

Whilst children and young people are dealing with loss and separation from their families, they are also enduring physical and mental challenges during the arduous journey in vehicles, boats and often on foot.  They young people often experience further exploitation along the way which may include forced labour, domestic servitude and sexual exploitation which can compound earlier traumatic life experiences.

Glasgow is proud of the support that we offer displaced and disadvantaged young people and we are keen to grow this service. Interested in being a Host Family Supported Carer? Then email us on:

Will I get support to help me?

When you are approved as a Host Family Supported Carer, you will be assigned a Supervising Social Worker from the Host Family Service.  They will visit you on a regular basis to support and monitor the placement.  We have a programme of training, access to some on-line training and quarterly Host Family Carers Support Groups.  We will have some speakers at the Support Groups and also some time for carers to talk to each other.

Do I need an assessment to be a Host Family Supported Carer?


Once you have taken the decision and let us know you would like to be considered as a Host Family Carer then we anticipate that an assessment should take 5 months.  We understand that in some situations this may take more, or less time.  The Assessing Social Worker will ensure you are kept informed of the progress being made.

If you are interested in becoming a Host Family Carer then email us at

What if I have questions about becoming a Host Family Carer?

If you are considering becoming a Host Family Carer and have any questions then you can email us We will get back to you and answer any questions you have.

We have also produced a pdf icon Frequently Asked Questions [174kb] that may have the answer to any query you have.  

What is it like being a Host Family Carer?

All our Host Family Supported Carers tell us that sometimes it can sometimes be challenging but that it is very rewarding.  Don't just take our word for, read their stories below:

How do I become a Host Family Supported Carer?

Taking the first step is easy, you can either email us or phone 0141 302 2800.


Contact the Team


  • 0141 302 2800
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