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Terms and Conditions for Service Contract for Commercial Waste

Please Note

Terms and Conditions effective August 2019

A minimum period of agreement is 12 months after which it may be terminated on provision of 3 month's written notice

Payment of Service

Payments for the collection of refuse as detailed overleaf shall be made monthly whether formally demanded or not. Charges will be revised each year at the rate prescribed in the Council's prevailing scale of charges.

No contract will exist until the first payment is received by the Council. The Council's preferred method of payment is by Direct Debit.

Change to Contractual Service

If the Trader wishes to change the number of collections ordered overleaf then he/she must give seven days written prior notice to the Commercial Services Team and at their request complete a revised order form to reflect future collection requirements.

If the Council is requested by the Trader to remove additional refuse to the contracted quantity then a special charge will be made for this service as per the Council's agreed scale of charges.

The actual quantity and contents of refuse collected will be monitored by the Council against the contracted quantity. Penalties may also be applied in relation to spillage and/or refuse not within required containers in terms of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 34 (1) ©

Non Payment

Notwithstanding the above if payments as required by this Agreement are not made within the Councils agreed terms then the Council may suspend collection or terminate this Agreement forthwith and any outstanding payments shall be a debt due to the Council.

In the event of any request for the reinstatement of services following their termination due to arrears in payments a reinstatement fee will apply.

Legislation and Bylaws

The Trader shall comply with all relevant legislation and bylaws of the Council concerning storage and collection of refuse.

  • Traders have a duty to ensure that the bins are stored appropriately. All refuse must be stored within the wheeled bins in order that the lid can be closed. Failure to do so may be subject to penalties in terms of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 34 (1) ©
  • Bins should be put out for collection at the agreed time and frequency in accordance with the signed agreement.
  • All commercial general waste may be placed in the wheeled bin except for those materials which are dangerous, hazardous or toxic. These materials may arise from time to time and require special treatment for their collection and disposal. For further assistance with such items please contact Commercial Services.

Ownership of Containers

The refuse containers are and shall remain the sole property of Glasgow City Council.

  • The Trader shall assume the entire risk of loss or damage to the container from any occurrence whatever and accordingly the Trader must make arrangements for appropriate insurance cover for the container.
  • The Trader shall immediately notify the Council in writing of any loss or damage to the container and reimburse the Council within 14 days after receipt from the Council of notification of the amount of such cost. The extent of the Trader's liability under this condition shall be the full cost of the replacement of the container.
  • The Trader shall maintain the container(s) in a safe operating condition and shall be responsible for its/their cleanliness.

Contractual Service 

Wheeled bins are emptied on the same day regardless of holidays. The only exception to this is Christmas/New Year's day.

In the event of the service not being provided in accordance with the order overleaf this must be reported to our Call Centre on 0141 287 9700 within 24 hours.

Claims for credit arising from a failure on the Council's part to provide the service should be submitted in writing to the Commercial Services Team within seven days.

Any notices required to be given under these conditions shall be sent to the Commercial Services Team and Trader respectively at the address stated on the service agreement.

The parties hereby undertake to comply with the terms of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Waste (Scotland) 2012 Act respectively. Details of both can be found here.

Termination of Contract

The Minimum period of agreement is 12 months after which it may be terminated on provision of 3 month's written notice.

The Council may terminate this agreement at any time by giving one month's prior notice to the trader.

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