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Distraction Campaign

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Our Road Safety Unit in partnership with Police Scotland are running a distraction campaign in order to address the issue of pedestrians and drivers being distracted by mobile phone technology.

What is the purpose of the campaign?

The purpose of the campaign is to highlight the dangers of using mobile phones when crossing the road and more importantly when driving.

Research and statistics gathered by Police Scotland show that 'failing to look' is the top causation factor in all pedestrian/driver collisions. Data from the European Commission also suggests that up to 25% of road crashes are due to distraction, with 25-30% of total driving time spent on distracting activities.

A distracted driver who looks away from the road for just 2.3 seconds while travelling at 30 mph, will have travelled 100 feet without seeing what was on the road in front of them - quite a scary thought!

What we hope this campaign will achieve?

This new campaign aims to inform and influence drivers and pedestrians to adopt safer road user behaviour as well as increasing awareness of this road safety issue.

Two images are being used for the campaign; one shows the pedestrian with the reflected 'bandaged emoji' whilst the other shows the driver with the reflected 'clown emoji'. The idea was based on the fact that the police can sometimes see the reflection of the phone on a drivers face when they try to conceal it away from view and look down.   

This innovative campaign will encourage pedestrians to take care when crossing, but more importantly, remind drivers of the dangers and possible serious consequences of using a mobile phone whilst driving - which includes a minimum "£200 fine and 6 penalty points. Drivers could also be charged with more serious offences, such as dangerous driving, if involved in a collision whilst using a mobile device. 

Where will this campaign be running?

The distraction adverts will be shown city wide around Glasgow with bus sides, outdoor digital advertising boards and adverts/social media on Radio Clyde and in the Glasgow Times.

How long will the campaign last?

The campaign will start on 6 September and run for 4 weeks.

Look out for the adverts when you are out and about and remember "Heads Up - Phones Down!"

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