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Make Glasgow Greener - Play your part

On this page we aim to bring you important sustainable news alongside top tips on how you can get involved and make small lifestyle changes that will make a real difference in the fight against climate change. 

We showcase your amazing sustainable changes and put a spotlight on your actions.

Can you Walk2COP27? Your kilometres will plant trees - date for your diary!

Walk to COP27

Walk2COP27 is organising a virtual, mass participation, walk from Glasgow - as host of COP26 to Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt - host of COP27.

Be part of it and make a real difference

The virtual journey starts in Glasgow on 22 September 2022 with an online 'Townhall' event which will be hosted by the Royal Society for Arts, manufactures and commerce. This first event, with keynote speakers, will be around the theme of health and climate change. Along the virtual route participants will have the opportunity to attend and visit 11 other Townhall style, climate change events, as you collectively walk, talk and act!  

As Gavin Slater, Head of Sustainability explains: "Glasgow was the proud host city of COP26 and the spotlight was upon us last year as world leaders came together to agree the Glasgow Climate Pact that aims to reduce the worst impacts of climate change and keep global temperature rises within 1.5C - to help protect our planet for future generations.

"This year we are encouraging all staff to join in this global event and make your way virtually to COP27. You can sign up to join the walk individually and then become part of an online team - building worldwide connections and solidarity with like-minded individuals, as you complete your walk to Egypt, learning about the different impacts of climate change, solutions and actions, en-route.

"It's really easy to take part and you can record your stroll round the garden, or your trek to the shops, wheeling and cycling, by using their app Clubhouse to track your distance. Working together to rack up the kilometres - you will reward the planet by getting trees planted for your achievements through the Jane Goodall Institute! You can do as much or as little as you want.

"This virtual journey presents an opportunity for us all to get involved and help raise awareness of climate change and better understand how our own actions can contribute to making a global difference."

What is Walk2COP27?

  • It is based around a virtual journey from Glasgow (host city for COP26) to Sharm El-Sheikh (host city for COP27). There are 12 countries between Scotland and Egypt hosting a hybrid or virtual Townhall meeting that showcases the way climate change is impacting that location and the solutions that are being deployed.
  • Walk2COP27 is open to participants from around the globe. Organisations, teams and individuals can participate by tracking their kilometres travelled on an app in their own locations. Trees will be planted by the Jane Goodall Institute for kilometres travelled (walked / run / cycled or travelled in a wheelchair).
  • Participants can share their climate-related projects, and learn from others via the planned Townhall meetings, a participants' forum on Clubhouse, and social media.
  • Towards the end of their journey, participants will contribute to a proclamation which will be delivered to the formal participants at COP27.

How can I take part?

The journey starts on the 22 September 2022 with the Glasgow Townhall. Participants will be able to register on the App and join a team from 1 September 2022.

Once your journey starts you will be able to:

  • have trees planted on your behalf by tracking the distance you travel - up to 6 November 2022
  • communicate with your team on the app and see how others are progressing
  • participate in the 12 Townhalls which are run across the 45 days
  • lead or participate in sessions on climate action on club house run by participants
  • raise funds for the Jane Goodall Institute
  • contribute to a proclamation summarising the views of all those participating for COP27 delegates to hear.

Visit Walk2COP27: Website  for more information.  Watch the Video here.

Climate change - what is carbon net zero?

Climate change is the single biggest issue and challenge of our lifetime, and one with potentially devastating implications if we do not rise to that challenge and take prompt action.

Globally we are experiencing the devastating effects of climate change with erratic weather patterns, including: heatwaves; floods and severe storms; loss of polar ice; and, rising sea levels. This will only get worse if global warming intensifies.

The whole world needs to work together to stop the world gaining another 1.5 Celsius and a key way to achieve this is to move to net zero carbon.

Net zero carbon refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. We reach net zero when the amount we add is no more that the amount taken away.

Climate change is being triggered by higher levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere - gases trap energy from the sun and warm the Earth's surface and the air above it. Causing these harmful changes. The most common greenhouse gas is water vapour, carbon dioxide and methane. Carbon dioxide is the most dangerous so to effectively address climate change we need to cut our carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint.

We all have a role to play in achieving this target - to take pride in our actions and benefit our city.

How you are making a difference - spotlight on your actions

COP26 inspired and highlighted many lifestyle changes that we can all make to become more sustainable- both at home and at work.

It has been really interesting to hear how COP26 inspired you to make a change.

Your actions are wide raging from recycling more food waste by building your own compost bins to changing household consumables for more sustainable options with less packaging and buying pre-loved garments.

You can read your actions here.

Be inspired - start a conversation and play your part

We all have our part to play. We can enjoy safer streets, cleaner air and warmer homes if we all act now.

84% of people in Scotland are concerned about climate change, but talking about it can help create more empowerment and provide a sense of unity and community (Ipsos, 2020). We all need to talk about climate change. It is happening now and affecting the day to day lives of people around the world, including in Scotland.

Find out key support and information on how to start these conversations Your words can change the world - start a climate conversation today! - is our citywide campaign to encourage everyone to play their part and take action to make a difference. It showcases how together we can all help the city thrive. It aims to educate and inform residents on what the council is doing to make Glasgow a greener city and build better lives and better future for everyone.

Our staff sustainable living tips encourage you to think about how you can:

  • reduce
  • reuse
  • recycle
  • repair.

As outlined in our Circular Economy Route Map , to create a sustainable economic future for our city. Glasgow has committed to being a circular city by 2045.

So why not start to think green and follow some of our small behavioural change ideas to increase how you make things last, stop using them or to give them a second life. Your changes can make a difference to help reduce climate change.

Get involved - ideas to help you REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE

Every act we take makes a difference - we are all part of the solution.

There are numerous ways in which we can make small behavioural changes to make our homes and our lives more sustainable - from small habits in our daily lives to slightly larger investments. Every action we take can help make a real difference to protect our planet as well as reducing our energy bills.

Not sure where to start?

In this section we will provide some top tips to help you get started and make small behavioural changes to become environmentally conscious and live more sustainably. Taking these actions each day will help them to become a habit and then come naturally - to benefit both yourself and the environment.

Top tips will be regularly updated around key themes - so watch this space!




In action - our latest sustainable news

16 February - Did COP26 inspire you to make a difference?

Next Monday 21 February, we mark 100 days since the city hosted the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) with an event at the City Chambers. The day will include an engagement session for Glasgow based SME businesses and academia, and an event where our young people can share and reflect on their sustainable learning and what initiatives they are taking forward.

As Duncan Booker, COP26 Stakeholder Manager explains: "COP26 was an exceptional event that our city put on - it was also the first truly global gathering to be held in person since the Covid19 pandemic began.  Glasgow was chosen to host it by the UK Government in recognition both of our consistent track record of delivery for major events and also our ambitious plans for a low carbon and climate resilient future.  A key principle of hosting the event was to leave a legacy for our citizens and future generations. We wanted to make sure that we used momentum from its arrival and from the event itself to support local ambitions, particularly through our Sustainable Glasgow partnerships."

As the host city we achieved many things and our Sustainable Glasgow projects leave a lasting legacy in our city. You can use our Storymap to take time out to go and experience some for yourself.

Did COP 26 inspire you to make a change?

We would like to showcase all the great sustainable actions staff are taking and would love to hear from you - to help inspire your colleagues.

Shout out - please share your sustainable lifestyle change with us by emailing before Tuesday 22 February 2022. We will publish a selection of your changes next week.

For example, get in touch and tell us what are you now doing differently? Has the change benefitted you and your family? Have you stopped doing or buying something? Do you have a plan to carry out more changes in the future?

Your individual actions do make a difference

At COP26 several discussions took place around the importance of encouraging individual behaviour change, to tackle the climate crisis.

As Duncan continues: "Many attendees felt that by individually changing how we all do something - this is a complementary solution to support global actions from leaders and governments. If we are all inspired to take the time to make a few simple small changes, we are collectively creating more climate friendly and sustainable lifestyles to help save our planet together."

The following research presented at COP26 highlights the importance of individual sustainable behaviour change:

  • the 2019 Climate Change Committee report suggests that over 60% of emissions reduction rely on individual behaviour change
  • more importantly, two-thirds of global emissions are connected to households' consumption, with 1% of the richest households (80 million) emitting more than twice as much emissions as the poorest 50% (3.9 billion).

12 November 2021- COP26 - hospitality success for Encore and Glasgow Life

The city has proudly hosted COP26 which ends today - Friday 12 November.

Teams from Encore Hospitality Services (Facilities Management) and Glasgow Life did a fantastic job providing hospitality for a wide range of prestigious events - large and small.

Throughout COP26, Encore have provided hospitality for prestigious events across the city in venues such as the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, the City Chambers and The Lighthouse. In addition, the team also provided the catering each day, 24 hours a day for the 10,000 police officers working during the climate change conference - in The Riverside Museum and Emirates Arena.

A key date for Encore was the World Leaders Reception on 1 November at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum - hosted by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The event was attended by around 350 delegates including leaders from around the world, senior politicians and senior members of the Royal Family.

Delivering the event successfully required extensive planning, preparation and partnership working. Around 45 staff from Encore were involved in delivering the event with staff involved in food preparation and a drinks and canape service.

Colin Davidson, Delivery Manager, Encore said: "As a result of the pandemic this was our first hospitality event for 18 months.

"Delivering an event of this scale and importance presented many challenges which we overcame by working with our colleagues from Glasgow Life. The team showed great commitment to making the event successful and helping to showcase our ability to host such a prestigious event."

Stephen Sawers, Head of Facilities Management, said: "I am extremely proud of all the team for their skill and efforts throughout and working alongside our colleagues in Glasgow Life it demonstrates the results that can be achieved through collaboration and teamwork."

Ross McKenzie, Senior Operations Manager, Encore, said: "It should not be underestimated the work that's been involved - reopening sites to host events, developing bespoke and internationally inspired menus, working with suppliers to source and procure sustainable local produce and making sure that we were always able to deliver has been achieved because of everyone's hard work and commitment.

"Thanks to Morven Crichton, Colin Davidson, Angus Cooper and the wider team of managers, chefs, kitchen, front of house service staff and our colleagues across Facilities Management, we provided hospitality for a large number of events enjoyed by all those attending or supporting COP26 and of course the World Leaders."

Well done to all the staff involved in showcasing Glasgow's world-renowned hospitality.

12 November 2021 - Burrell collection reaching new sustainability standards

The Burrell Collection will reopen next March (2022) in a refurbished and reimagined A-listed building that will help set new standards for sustainability in museums.

The ambitious redisplay of one of the greatest global art collections ever amassed by one person, is taking place inside an improved and upgraded building for the future.

The refurbished building, with new gallery spaces, displays and facilities will be an exemplar of sustainable low carbon design. Read more here how the building's environmental performance and sustainability has been improved.

12 November 2021 -  Pupils' Seeds of Changes Installation unveiled during climate conference

Glasgow's children and young people published their unique climate charter - Engage the World to Change the World last Friday on Youth and Public Empowerment at a special event in the City Chambers.

The charter, the first of its kind that's been shaped and influenced by pupils across Glasgow schools, and puts a duty of care on the council and citizens to actively improve the city, be kinder to the environment and importantly has children's rights at the very heart of the document.

During the charter engagement process with council officers, Amy, a Sacred Heart Primary pupil asked if their school could create a sculpture to raise awareness at COP26, as well as convey their message of the need to reduce, reuse and recycle waste in our schools.

Joining forces with artist, Peter McCaughey, from WAVEparticle a series of creative workshops has resulted in an amazing sculptural installation that will now take pride of place in the 'Let's Talk' space at the Mitchell Library and unveiled on Thursday 11 November at 1.30pm.

12 November 2021 - COP26 : some key facts and figures

As official UNFCCC figures show, COP26 is a substantially bigger event than other recent COPs, with over 39,000 participants as against nearly 27,000 at COP25.

This includes 22,274 party delegates, 14,124 observers and 3,886 media representatives.

The event this year is a carbon- neutral event. All carbon accounting is being carried out in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and will be published after the event. COP26 will also be the first to achieve validation using the PAS2060 international standard on carbon neutrality.

Any unavoidable carbon emissions from the conference will be offset through the purchase of UNFCCC-recognised offsets such as Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) as part of an effort to ensure sustainability at the conference.

COP26 Sustainability Governing Principles include actively managing potential impacts on the environment and local community, encouraging more sustainable behaviour, and promoting the responsible use of resources throughout the supply chain.

Regarding catering, 95% of food served at the conference is seasonal and from the UK, with at least 80% of this coming from Scotland. By calculating the carbon footprint of food served in the Blue Zone and displaying it on the menus, attendees can make sustainable food choices.

84 kg of locally harvested Mara Seaweed is used as an entirely sustainable substitute for salt in dishes, requiring neither fertilizer, fresh water, nor soil to grow. In addition, 750 kg of Scottish berries were harvested in the summer and preserved using 250 kg of Scottish Heather Hills Honey.

Drinking cups at the venue are reusable, saving up to approximately 250,000 single use cups. Reusable, aluminium water bottles are provided to all participants and water refill stations can be found throughout the venue. 

Delegates to the blue zone were given public transport travel cards and a conference shuttle bus operated during the event using an electric fleet.

COP26 also strives towards going paperless using the UNFCCC app providing daily schedules, press releases and other information. Furthermore, priority is being given to low- carbon, alternative energy sources such as electric and low-emission vehicles, solar energy for temporary traffic lights and Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) in generators instead of diesel.

12 November 2021 - Glasgow plans to cut traffic for a people-first city centre

Glasgow is drawing up plans for a low-traffic city-centre superblock to create a cleaner, greener and more liveable urban heart.

Yesterday, as cities took centre stage at COP26, the Council Leader asked officers to consider how dramatically cutting the number of private vehicles in a core part of the city centre could free up space for citizens, businesses and visitors.

Initial proposals are planned to be published over the coming days, with a report setting out the potential first steps coming to committee after the UN climate talks currently taking place in the city conclude.

Joining up existing initiatives such as the Avenues Project; a revamped George Square, and pedestrian-focused streets around the Merchant City and the Style Mile with more streets that prioritise people and public transport as part of an incremental process could transform how people use the city centre by as early as 2027.

However, proposals will also reflect longer-term initiatives; including the delivery of a Glasgow Metro and the push to see more people living in the city's centre.

Despite Glasgow having one of the lowest levels of car ownership in the UK, an independent Connectivity Commission found that an incredible 25% of land in the city's centre is currently dedicated to roads - higher than other cities across the country and more than double the equivalent measure in Edinburgh.

Experts also raised concerns about how that quarter of all city centre space was used - with the dominance of private cars significantly limiting access and usability.

A four-metre wide section of road can accommodate between 5,000 and 10,000 cyclists or pedestrians each hour - or up to 12,000 bus passengers. However, the same road can cater to as few as 800 people in cars in some circumstances.

There is already significant support for prioritising people over private cars on Glasgow's streets.In a recent public conversation on connecting communities, more than eight in ten people supported road space being re-allocated to walking, wheeling and public transport and more than three-quarters wanted a greater focus on people and place in the city centre.

12 November 2021 - Glasgow City Region:  #InnovatingtoNetZero

Glasgow is proud to rank third in Scotland's list of most environmentally sound cities, but the importance of taking care of our planet has never been greater.

With Glasgow setting the ambitious target of becoming a carbon neutral city by 2030, we need to prioritise the innovation and ingenuity that will set the pace for a cleaner, greener, net zero future.

Discover 70+ inspiring innovations and stories and things you maybe didn't know about Glasgow at Glasgow City Region - #InnovatingtoNetZero

Watch and learn things you maybe didn't know about Glasgow here:

11 November 2021 - Glasgow Green Deal: launch of call for views, ideas and participation at COP26 event

Yesterday the council launched a call for views, ideas and participation on the Glasgow Green Deal - our nine-year mission to transform the city's economy to tackle the climate and ecological emergencies. 

The call for ideas will be launched at a COP26 event run by Eurocities - the network of major cities from across Europe, including London, Paris, Oslo and Prague - and supported by the network's Mayors Alliance for the European Green Deal campaign, working together to accelerate a fair transition to climate neutrality.

The three interlinked objectives of the proposed Glasgow Green Deal are:

  1. Reducing emissions and climate risk
  2. Creating sustainable jobs and quality places
  3. Eliminating poverty and deliver justice through inclusion and equality

Our draft Glasgow Green Deal roadmap on how we propose to approach this nine year mission can be read at

Read more detailed information and find out how to get involved to submit your ideas and have your say here.

11 November 2021 - A thriving city - Glasgow looks to its COP26 legacy

Today Glasgow marks a new milestone as it formally launches its ambition to become a thriving city - a key legacy of its hosting of the COP26 Climate Conference.

Aptly announced on the Cities, Regions and Built Environment presidency themed day, our city will join the Thriving Cities Initiative to develop its wider COP26 legacy.

Launched at the City Chambers this morning, the Leader of the Council was joined by a prominent panel of speakers as she set out her vision for Glasgow to thrive in the 21st century. Read the full story here.

11 November 2021 - Glasgow becomes UK's first city to achieve EarthCheck Benchmarked Community status

Our city has long been a leader in life sciences, engineering, science, and technology research and as we host COP26, it also celebrates being awarded EarthCheck Benchmarked Community status - confirming the city's vision to develop a strong circular and regenerative economy.

As Scotland's cultural powerhouse, this benchmarking achievement marks a significant step for Glasgow on its way to becoming one of the world's most sustainable and resilient places to live, visit and do business.

Read more about what this means for the city here.

11 November 2021 - Circular living: understand how you can make a difference

Single use products, particularly plastic ones, tend to end up in landfill and the ocean, causing harm to wildlife and the environment.

You can help to prevent this by choosing to use reusable and eco-friendly alternatives instead.

Here we give you some top tips to get started on how to use reusable items. A key part of circular living is to value all resources and change the way we think and consume items.

Can you make a swap today?

10 November 2021- Top tips for reducing your carbon footprint.

There are numerous ways in which we can all make small behavioural changes to make our homes and our lives more sustainable.

Reducing your carbon footprint can help you live a healthier lifestyle, as well as save you money. Whether it's cleaner air, a healthier diet, or reduced energy bills, these benefits of reducing your carbon footprint also mean you're doing your bit to combat climate change.

Find out more about reducing your car use, eating less meat and reducing household food waste.

Together - every action we take can help make a real difference to protect our planet as well as reducing our carbon footprint.

View our top tips here.

10 November 2021- Scottish wind powers COP26 with 100% traceable renewable energy    

COP26 is being powered by 100% renewable energy generated at SSE's Griffin Wind Farm in Perthshire.

The energy supplied to the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) venues hosting the summit has been traced back to the Scottish wind farm, confirming that the mains energy being used by delegates is both 100% Scottish and renewable.

SSE Energy Solutions is providing the power for all three COP26 permanent venues on the banks of the River Clyde in Glasgow. The company has been able to pinpoint the exact origin of the summit's power supply because renewable energy can be traced back to specific wind farms operated by SSE Renewables. Read more here.

9 November 2021 - Katrick Technologies wind panel design competition winners announced

Glasgow-based green energy pioneer, Katrick Technologies has announced the winners of its wind panel design competition. Katrick Technologies, Glasgow City Council and STEM Glasgow collaborated on this community engagement project, which saw students from seven schools submit their designs for wind panels.

Katrick Technologies launched the competition in September to give students the chance to create artistic designs for the start-ups patented wind panels. The project was based on the theme 'A Greener World', with the winning designs to be displayed on panels in Glasgow for COP26.

Read more and meet the winners from Caldercuilt Primary School here

9 November 2021 - Lord Provost awards winners of poetry prize

The Lord Provost awarded the winner and runners up of The Lord Provost's Poetry Prize on Friday at a celebratory event in the City Chambers.

Pupils were tasked with writing a piece of poetry based on this year's theme Our World: Our Future", which was inspired by the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference which is currently being hosted by the city of Glasgow. Young people were encouraged to use their poetry to explore the issues of climate change and sustainability.

This year's winning entry came from Cathy Piper of Bankhead Primary School with her poem 'Close Your Eyes'. She was awarded with a Mac Book Pro for her school, generously donated by CGI.

Helping the Lord Provost choose a winning entry was Jim Carruth, a Glasgow poet Laureate. Mr Carruth has helped judge the competition for many years.

Meet the winner and runners up here.

9 November 2021 - Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration presented to COP26  

On Saturday 6 November - COP26 Nature Day, 100 local governments came together to present the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration in the Chambers.

With food systems accounting for one third of global greenhouse gas emissions, it is clear that the Paris Agreement will not be met without addressing food systems.  COP26 must deliver the significant transformation needed to tackle the climate and nature emergencies, and place food at the forefront of the climate debate.

The Glasgow Declaration gathers the most forward thinking subnational and local authorities with a pledge to accelerate the development of integrated food policies and calls on national governments to act. 

Initiated by IPES-Food and Nourish Scotland in collaboration with the council and a range of other partners, the Declaration brings together 100 subnational governments from across six continents.

The Glasgow Declaration was presented by the Leader of the council followed by a high-level panel discussion featuring remarks from Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local Government. Signatories from around the world will attend in person and virtually. Read more here.

9 November 2021 - Glasgow Community Plant their 'Climate Forest' for COP26

A new 'Climate Forest' is to be planted in Priesthill in the southwest of Glasgow with the help of local people during COP26.

Planted on land donated by Glasgow City Council, Priesthill is the first of several neighbourhoods across Glasgow to plant trees as part of a collaborative effort to increase urban tree cover.

Known as the 'Clyde Climate Forest', the initiative will see 18 million trees planted in both urban and rural parts of Glasgow City Region over the next decade and will help deliver the Glasgow & Clyde Valley Green Network.

As one of the main pillars of Glasgow's pledge to reach net zero by 2030, the aim of the initiative is to increase Glasgow's tree canopy cover to 20% to build resilience to the impacts of climate change and lock up CO2 emissions.

Some of the most important benefits that we get from urban trees are the interception of rainfall (which helps to reduce the risk of flash floods), the regulation of urban temperatures, and the removal of airborne pollutants.

A recent analysis indicated that Priesthill has a tree canopy cover of just 16.6%. With planting taking place on the 6th of November - UN Presidency themed "Nature and Land Use" day - it is only befitting that locals will be doing their part to contribute to the Clyde Climate Forest by planting over 200 trees in their greenspace.

The trees, provided by the Woodland Trust Scotland with additional funding from Trees for Cities, are all native to Scotland and will extend an existing woodland area alongside Levern Water.

8 November 2021 - From little acorns! Sit back and enjoy The Lost Woods story - a COP26 legacy project.

The Lost Woods, a volunteer organisation, have created a short documentary film telling the story of the creation of the Glasgow Children's Woodland - a legacy project to COP26.

It is a heart-warming story about hope and how a local Glasgow group worked with a key team in Neighbourhoods, Regeneration and Sustainability Parks Department to take on an ambitious idea. This involved reaching out to all the Glasgow primary schools to help children feel more connected to nature and giving each pupil an acorn to grow into their own tree.

Seamus Connolly, Group Manager, Parks Development and Bereavement Services, NRS said: "We were delighted to welcome the Lost Woods project to participate in Phase 2 of our Cart-Kittoch Community Woodlands Project.

"By adding the additional and inspirational dimension of every Primary school in Glasgow participating in its creation - not only have we planted a further 17,000 trees but created a lasting legacy for future generations to visit and enjoy."

The Lost Woods proves that no-one is too small to make a difference - even from a single acorn!

Enjoy watching it here

8 November 2021 - New workspace created with sustainability objectives in mind

A new council workspace, developed using sustainable work practices, is currently being used by one of our COP26 delivery partners.

For the duration of COP26, American philanthropic company Bloomberg are using the space - on the ground floor of Exchange House at 231 George Street - as their base to plan a series of COP26 events and activities taking place in the City Chambers (west building).

The creation of the new working environment has been managed by the Corporate Asset Management Team at Neighbourhoods, Regeneration and Sustainability (NRS), with work carried out by teams from City Building.

The aim of the project was to create new collaborative workspaces which will support the new way of hybrid working - creating safe and sociable areas for staff to work, meet and safely interact with colleagues. The number of desks has been reduced from 54 to just nine, supported by three meeting rooms, two open plan collaboration spaces and breakout spaces.

Materials from other unused offices have been repurposed including: around 30% of materials have been recycled from the GHA Wheatley House building on Cochrane Street, and furniture from the Tontine building at Trongate has been repurposed.

Around 90% of floor coverings were retained; only minor changes were required to the ceiling grid and lighting; no additional power or data was required and no changes were required to the heating system.

Ian Robertson, Director of City Development, NRS said: "The project meets the objectives of the NRS land and property strategy and contributes to the council's net zero carbon ambition.

"Developing areas to support hybrid working will support staff to achieve a better work life balance and at the same time reduce office space and contribute to the council's efforts to reduce our carbon footprint through reduced CO2 emissions."

8 November 2021 - Glendale Primary school go green with solar panels

On Thursday 3 November The Lord Provost Councillor Philip Braat and Councillor Anna Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, attended a visit to Glendale Primary School in Pollokshields which had solar panels installed during lockdown in 2020.

The visit - co-ordinated by Glasgow Community Energy (GCE) - was part of the community energy sector's COP26 programme. The tour was also attended by members of international community energy organisations who were in the city for the conference.

GCE invited policymakers to a tour of the facility to promote the role of people and communities in the transition to Net Zero - which the council has committed to reach by 2030. Community energy campaigners say the sector has an essential role to play in achieving net zero, engaging the community in inventing and adopting local climate solutions. Holyrood supports community energy in various important ways such as the Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) which helped GCE to get off the ground.

Councillor Richardson said: "As we move towards our ambition of becoming one of the most sustainable cities in Europe, Glasgow's communities will play a crucial role if we are to reach our net-zero carbon target by 2030.

"The success of Glasgow Community Energy's recent share offer just goes to show how keen Glaswegians are to get involved in sourcing clean renewable energy, supporting their local communities and helping to reduce the city's emissions at the same time.

"While there have been challenges along the way, I'm delighted that the co-operative is now getting the recognition and success it deserves. The process has also given us valuable learning that will help us to support similar initiatives in communities across Glasgow as part of delivering our climate plan for the city."



5 November 2021 - watch this amazing COP26 music project featuring primary school pupils from across the city. It's amazing!

The project was developed by Glasgow CREATE over several months and 120 schools took part - watch our Glasgow wee ones perform the song 'I am the Earth' by composer Glyn Lehmann, with Gaelic translation from Beverley Darroch.

Watch their performance here

5 November 2021 - Glasgow pupils help create stunning climate change artwork

Over the past few weeks pupils from Sunnyside Primary, Hillhead High School and Shawlands Academy have worked with artists from SWG3 Yardworks in Glasgow to create two murals on their arches linked to climate change.

Watch their great work take shape on our council twitter page here.

5 November 2021 - School children hit the right note with unique artistic and musical double for COP26

School children from St Anne's Primary took centre stage last week with a unique artistic and musical double.

Six pupils are featured in a stunning painting - named "Our Future" - from world-renowned Scots artist and songwriter Gerard M Burns which will hang in the City Chambers while a print will go on show simultaneously at Glasgow Airport.

And in an additional boost to highlight the children's appeal to delegates, a song has been written entitled "Mother Glasgow" outlining the urgency on climate change which the children performed for the Lord Provost at the Chambers.

Hear the children perform.

4 November 2021 - New build nursery schools embed green technologies in response to climate change

Four brand-new Early Years establishments currently under construction at Govanhill, Broomhill, Carntyne and Tollcross Park will incorporate innovative green technologies in their design to help mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change.

Air source heat pumps will enable all four of the new nursery schools to receive their warmth and hot water from electricity - a low carbon source of energy. Govanhill and Broomhill Nursery Schools will also have Smart grey water systems installed to mitigate localised flood risk by maximising underground rainwater storage capacity ahead of a storm event.

Read the full story here.

4 November 2021 -  Save money, save the planet : top tips for parents

Parent Club have launched their Greener campaign to support the wider Let's Do Net Zero - COP26 activity.

It provides top tips for parents to help save the planet. Going that little bit more 'green' can start to make a difference and can save parents money too.

Handy tips are broken down into four key areas to help you save money and protect the planet if you have a: baby, toddler, child or teen.

For example you could:

  • Swap toys or buy second hand
  • Learn how to reduce food waste
  • Use natural items for crafting projects
  • Dress green with pre-loved items.


3 November 2021 - Our Glasgow Storymap - explore the city's sustainability projects

Have you visited our new website to explore the city's sustainability projects and green events taking place during COP26?

From smart canals to interactive performance venues, the Sustainable Glasgow Storymap gives you the ability to create your own personalised walking tour of key sites that are helping us reach our ambitious goal of net-zero carbon by 2030.

Many are a part of the Sustainable Glasgow partnership - an initiative aiming to encourage Glasgow businesses to adopt more sustainable business practices. The interactive map can be picked up at any point in the city, dividing it into three areas that can be discovered on different days.

You can explore a diverse range of projects from rapid electric vehicle charging stations, to living roofs on bus stops.

Explore the Sustainable Glasgow Storymap here

3 November 2021 - Clean Power campaign to inspire national green energy movement

The council and Scottish Canals are supporting a pioneering 'Clean Power' campaign from #TOGETHERBAND which will see art installations- featuring the words 'CLEAN POWER' and 'SUN, SEA, AIR' - in key locations throughout the city.

The campaign supports the international drive to bring carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050 and give planet earth the best possible chance of limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

Look out for the art installations which include 40 giant flags lining Speirs Wharf and a 53-metre Clean Power-branded fence on Carrick Street in front of the Sustainable Glasgow Landing and The Landing Hub.

Designed by Morag Myerscough and created from recycled ocean plastic, the Clean Power art installations will feature a URL and QR codes which lead to

More information

  • Visit to learn energy saving tips and why we need to accelerate investment into renewables, as well as how to help build a wind farm in Scotland; key scientific advice from climate experts on how governments can best tackle the climate crisis.

The #TOGETHERBAND non-profit campaign was launched on Earth Day 2019 by sustainable accessories brand BOTTLETOP in partnership with the UN Foundation and UBS.

3 November 2021 - Healrworld kicks off COP26 campaigns projection event

HealRWorld, the American globally-driven company that connects socially conscious consumers and businesses, today announced the launch of their "Together We Can" campaign at COP26.

The campaign kicked off last night with the launch of the US veteran singer songwriter Paul Hampton's anthemic song and video HEAL US ALL which he has especially adapted for COP26 as a 'Message of Hope from America.' 

The video was projected large scale onto the façade of St. Luke's and The Winged Ox in Glasgow with the Glasgow Youth Choir singing the chorus live. The Lord Provost officiated.

Michele Bongionanni, the founder and CEO of HealRWorld said 'It has been a moving experience working with Paul Hampton and I am delighted that we are beginning our HealRWorld COP26 event campaign with his music video performance which offers hope for the world.'

You can catch up and watch the full event on her Facebook page here - please note that you may need to use your own device to watch this if you don't have the correct corporate internet permissions to view.

The campaign encourages global citizens who are concerned about the unjust effects of climate change on the dispossessed, to purchase goods from small and medium sized businesses committed to environmental and social justice through the HealRWorld community and ecommerce platform. 

2 November 2021 - COP26 to source 80% of its food from Scotland for its highly sustainable delegate menus

COP26 delegates will be served sustainable, locally-sourced food with 95 percent of the food being from the UK (80% from Scotland) and it is seasonal. This puts sustainability at the heart of catering for the summit, reducing emissions and promoting environment-friendly food production.

COP26 will set an example for other large-scale international events, in terms of food sourcing, by taking a number of measures to ensure a sustainable approach:

  • Ingredients will be replicated across the conference's menus to make sure produce can be repurposed for other meals, if necessary, to avoid food waste.
  • The cups used to serve drinks will be reusable and it is estimated that this approach will save up to 250,000 single use cups.
  • Suppliers are setting high standards for sustainable food production, from Edinburgh's Mara Seaweed, which is abundant and entirely sustainable and does not require fertilizer, fresh water or soil to grow, through to Benzies carrots and potatoes who use wind turbines to power their cool storage, biomas to provide heating and actively recycle the water they use.

In line with the international nature of COP26, we will be using Scottish produce to deliver an international inspired menu. There will even be a Scottish fusion to certain international dishes such as the 'Scotch beef ramen'.

Read more here.

2 November 2021 - Kingston Bridge lights up for COP26

To mark COP26 the Kingston Bridge has been transformed with a projection of a new piece of artwork highlighting the climate challenges ahead.

The artwork was commissioned as an original painting by the council and has been animated and projected onto a section of the Kingston Bridge.

Titled 'Flourish' it was specifically created for the summit by Artist Rabiya Choudhry and has been inspired by one of Glasgow's mottos "Let Glasgow Flourish", from the city's coat of arms. Read more here.

1 November 2021 - Waste not, want not : school kids lead the race against climate change. Visit their creation.

Envision Virgin Racing have collaborated with campaign group - Kids Against Plastic, COP26 and the council - to create a scale replica Formula E race car from single use plastic waste.

The Recover E car plastic was built using litter that school children collected - including a P7 class at Garrowhill Primary School in Glasgow supported by Faisal Yusuf, Senior Neighbourhood Improvement and Enforcement Officer for West / North. The Formula E race car aims to highlight the need for rapidaction against plastic pollution.

It is being unveiled today, 1 November at Silverburn Shopping Centre.

It will then take to the stage at the World Leaders' presidency session (Blue Zone) the following day before returning to Silverburn for residents and visitors to see on Wednesday 3 and Saturday 6 November.

It's made from 100kg of plastic collected by school children and took British design studio Lazerian more than 700 hours to build it. Read more at

1 November 2021 - Welcome to Glasgow: read our guide

The city has produced a Glasgow Welcome Guide for visitors and delegates attending COP26.

It showcases our great city, why COP26 matters to us, what to visit in the surrounding areas and introduces our key sustainable partners.

There is also a spotlight on 30 Green Glasgow Fast Facts - which demonstrate our commitment to become the UK's first net zero carbon city by 2030. View the guide here.

27 October 2021 - The first ever Sustainable Food Directory for Glasgow goes live at 6pm tonight!

The directory recognises the hard work of some of the most sustainable places to eat in and shop at in the city.

The directory has been developed in partnership by Slow Food Glasgow and the Glasgow Food Policy Partnership, (the council is a key partner) and it lists some of the most sustainable restaurants, cafes and food shops in Glasgow.

The online directory a includes a map and provides details on the types of food each place offers, accompanied by an easily downloadable guide for offline use. During COP26 this is a great opportunity to showcase the wonderful food and services some Glasgow food venues have to offer.

Download the directory from 6pm on Wednesday 27 October here.

27 October 2021 - Try a top tip to change the way we think and use items: circular living

Single use products, particularly plastic ones, tend to end up in landfill and the ocean, causing harm to wildlife and the environment. You can help to prevent this by choosing to use reusable and eco-friendly alternatives instead.

Here we give you some top tips to get started on how to use reusable items. A key part of circular living is to value all resources and change the way we think and consume items.

Can you make a swap today?

27 October 2021- Our Green Deal Road Map is approved

Last week our draft Green Deal roadmap for the city was approved.

It outlines our nine-year mission to transform the city's economy to tackle to climate emergency. The deal will deliver the creation of thousands of new jobs in the city and improved, fairer and more equal economy. Read more here.

19 October 2021 - Explore our Sustainable Glasgow Storymap which showcases our sustainability projects across the city  

Ahead of COP26 we have launched a live website for visitors to explore our sustainability projects and green events taking place across the city.

The interactive map is divided into three areas that can be discovered on different days.

So why not explore our Sustainable Glasgow Storymap and see what you'd like to add to your walking trail around the city? Read more.

19 October 2021 - Wee Forests to leave living legacy for COP26 in Glasgow

The council is working together with Earthwatch Europe, NatureScot, Glasgow Science Centre, Green Action Trust and The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) Scotland, to plant eight Wee Forests across the city on land that we have donated.

The Wee Forests enable people to be directly involved in tackling the nature and climate crises by planting, looking after and charting the developments of a forest and the wildlife it attracts in their own neighbourhood. Find out more about this project here .

18 October 2021 - Girls@COP26 To Promote Gender Equality In Climate Change

More than 2500 S3 secondary pupils from schools across the city will gather at a special 'Solutions are Feminist' conference at Glasgow Caledonian University for the duration of the COP26 to debate different aspects of the climate emergency with a female twist. Read more here.

Get in touch - share your sustainable living ideas

  • If you have you made changes to your own lifestyle to live more sustainably - we would like to hear from you.
  • Please email your ideas and examples to so that we can share them with your colleagues.

Learn more - staff courses and key council climate information

Learn from your lounge with our GOLD courses :

  • Our Energy Efficiency at Home course can help you understand how you can save energy, reduce your fuel costs and tackle climate change. It will also give you an overview of the various sources of advice and financial support.
  • Our Get Clued on Carbon course will show you how you can help the council reduce its carbon emissions
  • Our Sustainability course looks at the importance of sustainability and the consequences of inaction
  • GOLD can be accessed from any device at anytime to suit your personal circumstances:
  • Login to GOLD and take part here  For support on logging into GOLD from home read our frequently asked questions
  • Glasgow's Climate Plan - approved in June 2021, sets out the council's ambitions around how we will achieve net-zero carbon by 2030 in response to the climate and ecological emergency, which was declared by the council in May 2019.
  • Circular Economy Route Map - is a framework for creating a sustainable economic future in our city, focusing on how to reuse, recycle and repair. To increase how we make things last - change behaviours and processes. Glasgow has committed to being a circular city by 2045.
  • - is our citywide campaign to encourage everyone to play their part and take action to make a difference. It showcases how together we can all help the city thrive. It aims to educate and inform residents on what the council is doing to make Glasgow a greener city and build better lives and better future for everyone.

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