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Drumchapel Local Development Framework

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The City Development Plan proposes Local Development Frameworks (LDF) to deliver planning change at a local level for areas of the city where it is recognised that an additional layer of planning intervention is required.

Community Engagement

The purpose of the Drumchapel LDF will be to provide a structure for future development in the area. It will act as an overarching framework to identify urban planning priorities for Drumchapel and to help take them forward.

As part of the process of developing the LDF, we want to be led by local priorities and for the document to work towards achieving the outcomes which will most benefit the local community.

Views from local people and key stakeholders in Drumchapel are sought to help shape the future strategy for developing the area. 

If you wish to take part, please complete our Survey with your feedback and using the Commonplace Interactive Map at the end to comment on particular spaces/sites/locations in Drumchapel


Public consultation is expected to commence once a draft LDF has been completed.  More details will be provided in due course.


Drumchapel LDF is currently out for local community engagement to provide structure for future development of the Strategy.

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