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Glasgow City Council

Drink Drive Campaign 2022

The Road Safety Unit in partnership with Police Scotland are running the annual, local Drink Drive campaign to highlight to drivers if they are drinking, they should not drive. The aim of the campaign is to reduce the incidence of drink driving on Glasgow's roads.

The main message is simple - This Festive Season, Don't Drink and Drive.

If you are going to your office Christmas party or meeting up with friends and family, plan ahead and organise public transport or a lift with friends. Leave the car at home.

Alcohol can stay in your body for hours after you stop drinking making you still over the limit the following morning.  Don't take that chance, there are consequences for all and it could change your life forever.

The Drink Drive advert will be shown city wide around Glasgow with bus backs, outdoor digital advertising boards and adverts/social media on Radio Clyde and in the Glasgow Times.

The campaign starts on 12 December and will run until 8 January 2023.

 Enjoy the Christmas holidays and if you need to use your car, have a soft drink!

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