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Scottish Government School Health and Wellbeing Survey

The results of the Scottish Government Health and Wellbeing Census 2021/22 that was undertaken in Glasgow primary and secondary schools have now been published.

Two reports are available - 'Health & Wellbeing Survey-Initial Findings' which sets out the initial aggregated results from the surveys and a 'Health & Wellbeing Results Infographic' summarising some of the key findings from the surveys.

You can access them in related documents opposite.   


The Scottish Government has asked local authorities to undertake a school Health & Wellbeing Census on the 2021/22 session which will include all primary and secondary pupils in P5 - S6. 

Glasgow has carried out an annual school health and wellbeing survey in conjunction with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) for a number of years with the results helping to shape and influence services to target the needs of our children and young people and importantly, giving our pupils their voice.

All children and young people in stages P5 to S6 will be invited to take part in the census (if their parent/carer gives permission).  Children and young people will be asked to complete an online questionnaire, via the Smart Survey online data collection platform, during class time. 

The school Health and Wellbeing survey is designed to find out about the health and wellbeing of children and young people at a local level.  The questions in the survey are age appropriate and cover a range of health and wellbeing topics including mental health, social media, bullying, relationships, eating and sleeping behaviours.

Our children and young people have been adversely affected by the restrictions over the last two years of the pandemic - lockdowns and schools closures have seen their lives dramatically shift -  and it is imperative that we find out how this has had an impact on our children's behaviours and anxieties.

As a local authority we are required to plan for children's services for Glasgow and to ensure that this is done effectively, it is important for us to understand the wellbeing and needs of children and young people in our local area. 

We will use the aggregated results produced from this survey to help improve services for children and families as well as provide individual school level reports to schools to assist with planning.

This will help to improve the way children's services are planned and delivered by your local authority and their partners, such as education, health and voluntary organisations.

The results will not look at pupil's responses on an individual basis, and any results produced will not enable an individual child to be identified.

Health and Wellbeing Survey Privacy Statement

For more information on the council's privacy statement for the Health and Wellbeing Survey visit 

Scottish Government Health and Wellbeing Survey 

Find out more about the survey at


Parent and carers' letters, age appropriate leaflets and a frequently asked questions information sheet is being sent from our primary and secondary schools to all families prior to the survey being carried out and copies published on this page for information.

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