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Past Events

There have been 5 Network events thus far each focusing on different aspects of the BME experience and how to improve it. Most notable of which is the December 2021 event where the chief executive Annemarie O'Donnell attended as a guest speaker giving a presentation on commitment to tackling inequality as well as announcing several equality initiatives that were directly influenced by the BME network.

Below is the information for the 2022 events, information for prior events can be found in their respective pages.

January 2022 Workshops

  • MCR Pathways
  • Mentimeter Result
  • Proposal Development

April 2022 Workshops

  • BME Network Website and Connect pages
  • BME Survey, considering the outcomes so far
  • Impact of current affairs and public issues

September 2022 Workshops

  • BME Survey Update
  • Members Space - Ali Salamati
  • Get Involved - Recruitment & Mentoring.

4th October 2022 

BME Network Meeting - 4th October 2022 - 14:00 - 15:30hrs

  • Welcome and Network update - Harjinder Gharyal, Divisional Director NRS & BME Network Leadership Sponsor
  • Key Note Speaker - Baillie Rosa Salih - Scotland's First Ever Refugee Councillor. 
  • Question and Answer Session


3rd November 2022 

BME Network Meeting - 3rd November 2022 - 14:00 - 15:30hrs

  • Welcome and Network Update - Nazim Hamid
  • Welcome to our Chief Executive Annemarie O'Donnel who attended the network meeting and met with BME Network Group.
  • Survey Update
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