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Glasgow City Council

Network Principles


The GCC BME Employee Peer Support Network has been established as part of the diversity champions framework in support of our Equality and Diversity commitments of:

  • Eliminating discrimination, harassment and victimisation.
  • Advancing equality of opportunity and improving the diversity make up of our workforce.
  • Raising employees' awareness of equality and diversity and the inclusivity of our organisation.

The purpose of the network is to provide peer support, networking opportunities, improve the working lives of BME employees and also have input to organisational activities from a BME perspective.

The network will work with other Glasgow City Council employee networks and BME networks from external organisations to support its activities and achievement of the wider equality and diversity agenda. The network provides a positive, supportive environment enabling members to relate to one another first and foremost as individuals.  

The network will review its activity and approach on a regular basis.

Sponsor, membership and co-ordination

The Leadership Sponsor is Harjinder Gharyal, Head of Service, Land & Environmental Services. The network is

  • Open to BME employees
  • Allies who support their BME colleagues with an expectation that they agree to live by the network's principles.
  • Co-ordinated by: Nazim Hamid, Discovery Legislation Team, Chief Executives Department (

Frequency of meetings/events

The Group aims to meet on at least at quarterly basis; at a variety of times (morning, afternoon, evening). The Council's recognised communication channels, such as Connect, will be used to promote the Group and publicise events. Social media will also be used to post updates, links to various research, articles and news items. Members can use these mechanisms to connect with others and exchange ideas in line with our social media guidance.


The Group will use information from BME organisations to facilitate events and discussions. Relevant internal and external speakers will also be sourced where possible. Network members will also provide a source of input and suggestions for topics.


Members are encouraged to share real issues in a safe environment; confidentiality and trust are key aspects of the network.


Members should commit to share openly and honestly, to offer helpful insights, ideas and alternative perspectives/approaches. It's important to listen with empathy and to "listen to understand" (rather than "listen to respond"), to respect each other and not to judge others' choices or experiences.


Members are asked to invest in the success of the network and are encouraged to participate and to give others the space to participate but no-one will be under any pressure to share. Questions, discussion and reflection will be encouraged. Attendance is optional however members will be asked to confirm attendance to the co-ordinators in advance in order that the appropriate arrangements for meetings can be made.

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