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Glasgow City Council

Gully Cleaning Programme FAQ's

What is a TTRO?

A TTRO is a Temporary Traffic Restriction Order which allows us to provide or change a restriction on a road on a temporary basis such as no parking or road closure.

How long will a TTRO be in place?

A TTRO can be in place for a maximum of 5 days.

How long will parking restrictions be in my area?

The parking restrictions will be in place for the length of the TTRO.  For clean ups this will mean each street in the area having parking restrictions in place for one day.

Where can I park?

Parking can occur on any street that does not have any restriction on that day.

I have a district nurse/carer that comes to visit me - will they be allowed access?

Pedestrian access can be maintained during the works allowing access to all properties where required. Vehicles will need to be parked in streets without parking restrictions.

Do the restrictions effect Blue Badge holders?

Parking restrictions are in place for all vehicles during the works, therefore we would ask you to park your vehicle elsewhere on the day of the works.  However, if this is not possible, you can contact a person on site during the works we will make an arrangement that will suit yourself while allowing us to complete the works.

What happens if my car is moved?

If your car is moved it will be available for collection on a nearby street.

Who do I contact for information on moved car?

Contact Police Scotland on 101 or M8 Recovery as to the location of the vehicle.  There is no process for us returning the vehicle to its original spot.

If my car is relocated to another street, how long can my car stay there before I receive a parking ticket?

Your car will be moved to a location where it is legal to park.

Will there be access to pavements for pedestrians/wheelchair users/prams while the work is being carried out?

Access will be allowed for all pedestrians while the works are ongoing.  We ask you take care while passing personnel and machinery on site due to the possibility of the works being messy.  We also ask you follow any instruction from personnel on site in order to ensure you are kept clean and safe while works are ongoing.

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