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Glasgow City Council

Council given update on Glasgow's Affordable Housing Supply Programme

Glasgow City Council was today (4 August) given an update on the delivery of the city's Affordable Housing Supply Programme (AHSP), and how it will bring thousands of new affordable homes to Glasgow over the next four years.


Update highlights progress of Affordable Homes programme in Glasgow


The council will allocate almost £104million to housing associations and private developers to build new affordable homes in the city in 2022/23.


Glasgow's AHSP takes into account the priorities identified within Glasgow's Housing Strategy 2017-2022, and the Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP) 2022-2027.


The environment around homebuilding is currently very challenging, with Brexit, the pandemic, and the war in Ukraine impacting costs, particularly in fuel and energy, as well as in the labour market and the supply chain.


Despite these challenges, 879 new affordable homes were completed through the AHSP in 2021/22, with work on 795 beginning, and approval given for 531. Just over £3million was spent on medical adaptations for housing association homes.


The council today approved the budget for the 2022/23 financial year, with a target of 919 completed new affordable homes, work beginning on 665, and approval expected for 691. It is expected that a similar sum will be spent on medical adaptations over this period.


Councillor Kenny McLean, Convener for Housing at Glasgow City Council,said: "The Affordable Housing Supply Programme is absolutely essential to the building of new affordable homes in Glasgow, benefiting thousands of people and families. The approval of the budget for this financial year means that more of these homes can be built, improving the quality of life for all of those living in them, and contributing to the regeneration of communities all across the city."


The Scottish Government issued the council with Resource Planning Assumptions (RPAs) for the 2022/23 - 2025/26 period, providing certainty that allows plans to be put in place for how affordable housing in Glasgow will be delivered in that time. The RPAs are as follows: 2022/23 (£103.934million); 2023/24 (£103.638million); 2024/25 (£104.001million); and 2025/26 (£105.724million).

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