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Glasgow City Council

Staying Safe in Glasgow

Glaswegians are friendly, welcoming and warm. Scottish people are all a hospitable bunch, and Glasgow is one of the best places to get acquainted with real Scottish charm. Like most cities, it has elements of crime and disorder. As you would in any major city, please keep yourself and your valuables safe at all times.

When out and about, please be mindful of your personal safety.

Glasgow is generally very safe but it is prudent to take precautions and be aware of the following:

  • Football colours (including internationals) are not usually allowed in pubs and clubs.
  • Ensure you secure and protect your belongings when on shore and be careful when using cash machines, in particular in the city centre.
  • The police are there to help and will be happy to direct you to the better pubs and clubs or direct you back to the docks/taxis.
  • Taxi ranks at Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow Central Station and Queen Street are controlled at the weekend by Taxi Marshals to ensure orderly queues. These queues can be very busy about midnight and again at about 0300 hrs. You can hail black Hackney cabs on the street but not private taxis which must be pre-booked or called. Private Hire taxis will not stop for you if you hail them.
  • A Comprehensive public space CCTV system is in place in Glasgow City Centre.
  • Do NOT carry any weapons i.e. knives, guns, CS/pepper spray, batons
  • Hate crime is treated very seriously any language which includes perceived hate speech including race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity can result in a custody appearance at court.
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