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Glasgow City Council

New pay and grading scheme

28 September 2022

The council is committed to resolving the issue of equal pay, making sure that everyone who works for the council is paid equally for equal work. The new pay and grading scheme will be designed with this in mind and to make sure that there is no discrimination in the future, taking input from the ongoing job evaluation work.

At this point, it is not possible to say how the new scheme will affect individuals. All jobs will need to be evaluated first and placed in a rank order based on demands of the role, then the appropriate grading and pay can be applied once the scheme has been designed.

To prepare for the work to design a new pay and grading scheme a project team has now been set up and the team are developing an implementation plan with input from our trade unions through a series of consultations and meetings. At this stage discussions are at a high level and are mainly for planning purposes that will lead to more technical research and design work.

The estimated timeline for the first pay under the new scheme is currently by April 2024 but this is based on many dependencies due to the complexity of the work involved.

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