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The Broomielaw District Regeneration Framework (DRF) was approved in June 2019 and work is now progressing to deliver the action plan. 

In addition to the projects outlined in the DRF the District will also benefit from the Avenues project which is part of City Deal. This will be looking at Broomielaw and Argyle street and once implemented will have a transformative impact on the public realm. The current timescale for completion is 2025.

Broomielaw was Glasgow's first quay and home to commercial paddle steamers. This part of the city is characterised by long north-south blocks, with narrow streets connecting Argyle Street with the waterfront. The waterfront, in turn, connects with the south bank via the King George Bridge and the new pedestrian Tradeston Bridge (The Squiggly Bridge).

Broomielaw has benefited from significant investment and it has evolved to be designated as part of the IFSD (International Financial Services District). Major public realm improvement works at the water's edge have significantly improved the waterfront in this area, creating a high-quality public realm which pedestrians and cyclists can enjoy.

The slowdown in the development of the IFSD caused by the world's economic crisis provided an opportunity to appraise the success of work already carried out and identify an optimum strategy that can create a thriving and sustainable Business District. The opportunities identified include providing more amenity (food, retail, events, etc.) to those that work and visit during the day as well as looking at the profile of the area's night-time environment.

The action plan focuses the River Park, the M8, Great Streets and Spaces, Mobility, Great Buildings and transforming Broomielaw into a place which is vibrant at all times of day and at the weekend.

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