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St Enoch DRF

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The St Enoch District Regeneration Framework (DRF) was approved by Glasgow City Council, and we are now focusing on the implementation of the action plan.

This District accommodates a mixture of land uses which embrace functions of retail, commercial, business and residential. The District also has a section of the River Clyde and the St Enoch's Shopping Centre. St Enoch's Subway and Argyle Street train station are all located in this District. There is however a historic richness in this shared District through its urban form and architecture found in many buildings in and around the High Street, Trongate and the Saltmarket.

There is an opportunity to promote this mixture of function and form through an improved pedestrian environment in specific public spaces. The waterfront experience should capitalise on local land use functions whilst promoting itself as a major attraction and resource. Improving specifically the pedestrian experience in and around Glasgow Green will foster more connectivity and interest.

The following suggested Avenues projects for this District would significantly improve the streets' overall performance as public spaces.

  •  Jamaica Street to Bridge Street
  • The Waterfront - from Glasgow Green to Transport Museum
  • Glassford Street - Stockwell Street
  • High Street to Trongate to Saltmarket to Albert Bridge

The following suggested catalyst projects for this area would complement the Avenues by significantly improving the pedestrian and cycling experience and wayfinding.

  • Custom House Quay to Glasgow Green
  • Argyle Street to High Street


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