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The cultural and built heritage of Glasgow Cathedral, the Necropolis and the Royal Infirmary are at the heart of the city's identity. The cluster of innovators, educators and creatives can inspire change by purposeful collaboration with all the communities in the Learning Quarter. Taken together, these make the Learning Centre an inspiring place for Glaswegians to live, work, learn and one that can inspire visitors.

There is much that can be done to enhance and improve this district and one of the key focuses should be on improving the pedestrian experience on Cathedral Street, George Street and High Street. Improvements to these key spaces will connect these key spaces and help people move around the district.

Improving the way in which the campuses are integrated into the public realm and how active they are as part of the community infrastructure should make the benefits of both more widely available within the District.

These redevelopments create an opportunity to recognise the footfall and spending power which students bring as well as the residential communities and improve everyone's experience on these busy streets.


The consultation has now closed, and the results are being looked at. We will report back on the consultation in May. Once the report is approved then the prioritised projects outlined in that report will be delivered in line with the suggested timetable.

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