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The Sauchiehall and Garnethill Regeneration Framework (DRF) was approved by Glasgow City Council and we are now focusing on the implementation of the action plan.

The Sauchiehall District consists of a grid urban form with Sauchiehall Street acting as its spine. The District is characterised by its diversity in land uses and built form as it accommodates mixed use, retail, education facilities, residential and office accommodation in a variety of scales.

Both Sauchiehall Street and Renfrew Street accommodate a significant amount of arts and cultural institutions, including The Glasgow School of Art, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, The Theatre Royal Glasgow, The Glasgow Film Theatre and the Centre for Contemporary Arts, The 0² ABC, the Pavilion Theatre, Cineworld and the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

The west side of Sauchiehall Street has capitalised on its multifunctional night time economy and has evolved into a social entertainment destination. The area also incorporates St Aloysius College in the Garnethill area. This important west section of Sauchiehall Street also acts as a pivotal connector to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and the Mitchell Library.

Sauchiehall Street and Renfrew Street are highly dominated by a constant movement of vehicle traffic that can have a huge negative impact on the pedestrian experience.

Given that there are a high number of entertainment and art venues within walking distance to each other, there are unique opportunities to improve the pedestrian experience to ensure the District capitalises on these functional assets particularly at night.
The following suggested Avenues project for this District would significantly improve the Streets overall performance as public spaces:

  • Sauchiehall to Charing Cross
  • Renfrew Street to Killermont Street

The following suggested catalyst project for this area would complement the Avenues by significantly improving the pedestrian and cycling experience and wayfinding:

  • Sauchiehall Street to Charing Cross
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