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The north and eastern parts of Glasgow city centre are different from the rest of the city centre. During its long history the area has changed significantly, with much physical heritage erased. In recent decades the impact of large-scale urban planning and infrastructure has further diminished the quality of place in some of these districts. The picture that  emerges is one of a city centre of two halves, but rather than seeing as competing the different parts of the City Centre (South-West and North-East) are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent.

When assessing Glasgow City Centre's layout, character and land use, it is apparent that the four North-Eastern Districts have a very different look and feel, as well as character and performance to those key districts to the south and west of the City Centre.

The North-Eastern Districts should complement rather than copy what already goes on elsewhere in the City Centre. The aim has to be to bring the city together to become more than the sum of its parts - both parts can improve and improve each other if approached holistically.

The North-Eastern Districts present an opportunity for 'breathing space' for a City Centre refreshed and able to adapt to the needs of the 21st century - a place which is people focussed, productive, healthy and thriving which complements the existing 'core City Centre' with a fresh, live, enriching and distinctive place-making.


The consultation has now closed, and the results are being looked at. We will report back on the consultation in May. Once the report is approved then the prioritised projects outlined in that report will be delivered in line with the suggested timetable.

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