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Could you be like Alan and John?

About MCR Pathways

MCR Pathways is a mentoring programme that supports care experienced young people, or young people who have experienced disadvantage. The aim of the programme is to make sure they get the same education outcomes and life chances as every other young person.

Volunteer mentors spend an hour a week listening to and encouraging their young person. The only qualification you need to become a mentor is the desire to help and be there.

Do you live in the North East of Glasgow?

Would you consider giving up an hour of your week to mentor a young person? MCR Pathways are currently looking for more volunteers in the following areas:

  • North East, mentors required in all secondary schools.
  • North West, mentors required in John Paul Academy and Knightswood Secondary.
  • South, mentors required in Govan High, Rosshall Academy and St Paul's High.

Do you remember what it's like to be young? - Pupil Stories


Rodrigo's story

Rodrigo's mentor helped him see what he was capable of and realise that there was more to life than hanging about the streets, read his story here.


Mona's story

Mona's turbulent home life led her to disengage from school but her mentor helped build her self-esteem and confidence, read her story.


Noel's Story

Noel's mentor helped him realise he had the resilience to carry on and follow his own path despite an unsettled home life, read his story.

Could you chat about music for an hour every week? - Mentor Stories

Kathryn Farrow

Kathryn's story

Kathryn mentored Cara for three years, read their story here.

Alan Speirs - Case Study

Alan's story

Alan Speirs is a Corporate Policy Officer in the Chief Executive's Department, he has been mentoring for five years. Read his story here.

John Hampson - Case Study

John' story

John Hampson is a Social Care Worker in Social Work Services, he started mentoring five years ago. Read his story here.

Annmarie O'Donnell - Case Study

Annemarie's story

Our Chief Executive Annemarie O'Donnell started mentoring five years ago. Read her story here.

Paul O'Grady

Paul's story

Paul O'Grady is an Architect at Development and Regeneration Services he has been mentoring for four years. Read his story here.

Nicky Neef

Nicky's story

Nicky Neef is Head of Corporate Services at City Property, she has been mentoring for six years. Read her story here.

Watch some of our council family colleagues discuss their mentoring experience with MCR Pathways:

Council working arrangements

Work Arrangements for becoming a MCR Mentor

Find out more and apply here

You can find out more and apply to become a mentor by visiting the MCR Pathways website 

If you have any questions or would like to hear your colleague's experience of mentoring you can get in touch with your service's MCR ambassador - their contact details are below:

Alan Speirs

Alan Speirs

MCR Mentor Ambassador for: Chief Executive Department

Telephone:  07722087762


John Murray

John Murray

MCR Mentor Ambassador for: City Building

Telephone:  07801394043



City Property Glasgow - currently recruiting 

Email: with any enquiries 

Kathryn Farrow

Kathryn Farrow

MCR Mentor Ambassador for: Education

Telephone:  07917551710



Financial Services and CBS - currently recruiting

Email: with any enquiries 

Jack McIvor

Jack McIvor

MCR Mentor Ambassador for: Jobs & Business Glasgow

Telephone:  07393761623


Paul O'Grady

Paul O'Grady

MCR Mentor Ambassador for: Neighbourhood and Regeneration Services

Telephone:  0141 276 0421

Email: paul.o'


Social Work - currently recruiting 

Email: with any enquiries 

Karen Ashley

Karen Ashley

MCR Mentor Ambassador for: Glasgow Life

Telephone:  0141 287 9805



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