Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act:

About the Act and the Council's Responsibilities

Rights to Public Information

The Freedom of Information Act (Scotland) 2002 (FOI) enables any person to obtain information from Scottish public authorities. The Act applies to all Scottish public authorities including: Scottish Executive and its agencies; Scottish Parliament; Local Authorities; NHS Scotland; Universities and further education colleges; and the Police.

Public authorities have to allow access to any information which they hold, including information about:

· the provision, cost and standard of its service

· factual information or decision-making, and

· the reasons for decisions made by it.

This legal right of access includes all types of 'recorded' information of any date held by Scottish public authorities. From 1st January 2005 any person who makes a request for information must be provided with it, subject to certain conditions and exemptions.

The Act also places an obligation on all Scottish public authorities to adopt and maintain a 'Publication Scheme'. These were previously bespoke documents drawn up by each individual authority, but in recent years the Scottish Information Commissioner has actively encouraged standardisation in this area. For 2013, the Council has chosen to adopt the Model Publication Scheme published by the Commissioner, supplemented by a locally-produced Guide to Information. The publication scheme and guide to information tell you about the information which the council chooses to publish without waiting to be asked.

Environmental Information

Regulations also came into effect in 2005 for Environmental Information. Anyone requesting information under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 may also use the Freedom of Information Service to make a request. These regulations are very similar to Freedom of Information, but apply specifically to information concerning the environment.

Council Procedure for FOI

It has always been the Council's policy to be open and accountable in respect of its approach to policy formulation and delivery of Council services.

In this respect, operation of the FOI regime reinforces our current approach through the operation of a formal process for providing information which is not routinely made available.

Finding Information

It is important to know that the Council already places a large amount of information in public buildings such as libraries. A useful way of obtaining information about Glasgow City Council can be a visit to Glasgow Public Libraries (either to the Mitchell Reference Library or to a local branch library).

In addition, a considerable amount of information about the Council's services and activities (including our Publication Scheme and Guide to Information is published on the Council's website. When seeking information about the Council, please make full use of this website, to find out whether the information you're looking for is already available on-line. You can search our website through the on-screen navigation headings, or by using the 'Search' or 'A to Z ' facilities.

Internet facilities are provided at all Glasgow City Council Public Libraries and Real Learning Centres.

Making a Request

If you are unable to find the information by these means, the Council is happy to assist you through its Freedom of Information Service.

For information on how to use the service, and what it involves, please follow this link to where you will be able to obtain further information on Making a Freedom of Information Request.

Please note that the Freedom of Information Service includes information requested under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004.

But please remember that, if the information you require has already been made available to the public in other ways, the Council would normally refer you back to that source.

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