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Glasgow's Low Emission Zone (LEZ) - Time-Limited Exemption Application

Time-Limited Exemption Application

Glasgow's city centre Low Emission Zone was introduced on 31 May 2022.  A grace period however means that enforcement of the scheme by way of penalty charge will not start until 1 June 2023.

It's generally the case that diesel engine vehicles registered after September 2015, and petrol engine vehicles registered from 2006 onwards will meet LEZ emission standards. To be sure however, you can use the Transport Scotland online registration checker.

The LEZ scheme will allow for applications for a time-limited (temporary) exemption under circumstances where entry of a non-compliant vehicle is required for a specific, defined purpose not considered in legislation or regulations.

Private vehicles WILL NOT be considered for time-limited exemptions.

Applications will be determined on their individual merits. Examples of this may be but are not limited to:

  • abnormal loads or machinery transport
  • historic vehicles or vehicles of particular speciality not covered by other exemptions and used for a specific purpose
  • any other non-compliant vehicle use deemed appropriate on application to the council

Applications for time-limited exemptions will not normally be considered for the routine transport of people or goods or for routine commercial operations. However, the council may apply a time-limited exemption, by reference to the vehicle's use, upon consideration of an application.

It is expected that any exemptions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and where the organisation applying can clearly demonstrate that timely efforts are being made to comply with LEZ requirements.

Time-limited exemptions can be granted for up to a year and may be subject to conditions or restrictions as deemed appropriate by the council.

Time-Limited Exemption Application

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