Social Work Services

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David Williams

David Williams
Executive Director of Social Care Services

Contact Details:

Glasgow City Council
Social Work Services
Commonwealth House
32 Albion Street
Glasgow G1 1LH
Phone 0141 287 0555
Text Relay 18001 0141 287 0555
Fax 0141 287 8840
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Glasgow and Partners Emergency
Social Work Service 
0300 343 1505

Social Work Vision Statement:
Our vision is to provide high quality services that protect children and adults from harm, promote independence and deliver positive outcomes for Glasgow citizens.

Why have a Vision Statement?
A vision statement is an aspirational description of what we would like to achieve in the mid-term or long-term future. It's intended to provide the strategic direction for current and future courses of action so will have a huge influence on decision making and the way we allocate resources in the future.

Our Service Aims:
In order to achieve our Vision, we have developed six core Service Aims to provide sharper focus for our strategic planning activity:

  • Focus on the person through an approach committed to personalisation, independence, social inclusion and choice
  • Design and deliver services around the needs of individuals, carers and communities
  • Ensure transparency, equity and fairness in the allocation of finite resources
  • Focus on building a culture of continuous improvement with the aim of driving up the quality of services
  • Ensure services are an integral part of a whole public sector approach to support vulnerable people and promote social well-being
  • Ensure a competent, confident and valued workforce to deliver high quality professional services

Our Values:
Our Values drive everything we do, every day, for every service user. A set of Values provides a framework for our collective leadership of Social Work Services, by setting out the common norms of behaviour among employees. These common behaviours will, in turn, support the achievement of our Vision. The Values we set out here are also closely aligned with those of the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC):

  • Protect the rights and promote the interests of service users and carers
  • Promote the independence and self-determination of service users
  • Respect the rights of service users while protecting them from harming themselves or other people
  • Foster a culture of rights and responsibilities among service users, carers and communities

Health and Social Care Integration in Glasgow
The Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act states that Health Boards and Local Authorities should, as a minimum, integrate services for adults. Within Glasgow, we are also including Children and Families services within our integrated arrangements, as to work with children and young people effectively often means involving the adults in their lives. Integrated health and social care is a way of planning and delivering services so they appear seamless from the perspective of the patient, service user or carer.

More information on Integration in Glasgow is available


Community Care provide services directly (e.g. residential services, day services, homelessness services, home care and specialist services); purchase services (e.g. nursing and residential homes, supported accommodation, day services, respite care); provide a service within health settings (e.g. hospital teams and other health based staff) and is involved in joint planning with the health board, the voluntary sector, council departments and other local authorities.

Criminal Justice is responsible for supervising offenders in the community and assessment of long term prisoners serving a sentence of 4 years or more. It is also responsible for managing social work services for the Courts and in Barlinnie Prison.

Children & Families provide services directly to, and purchase services for, vulnerable children, young people and families, including residential, foster care, community and individual services: e.g. services to children in need ( including child protection), direct support to carers, supporting young people into training and employment, special needs and children's health (including health based social work services), management of throughcare/aftercare and some community based projects.

Social Work also has a wider remit to promote social welfare and to this end it provides welfare rights and community development services and works with a wide range of community projects and voluntary organisations.
Assessment for services is carried out through local social work offices or Hospital Teams therefore this should be the first point of contact.

Service Providers
The Council provides the above services via direct and purchased provision. In 2013/14, approximately 64% or £354 million of the Council's social work budget will be spent on purchased services.

The Council is obligated to ensure that the organisations/companies providing services to vulnerable people have been assessed and appropriate contractual arrangements are in place.

The Council is committed to keeping Service Providers up to date with relevant information.

Employability Services
Employability Services have been developed to support people currently accessing health and social work services. These 'Bridging Services' are located within Jobs & Business Glasgow and provide a friendly, flexible service that will help people move towards and into employment, training, education or volunteering.