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The Building Regulations set down the minimum requirements that must be observed by anyone planning to construct, alter or change the use of a building. Building Control & Public Safety is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the requirements of the Building Regulations are met.

How to apply for a Building Warrant, staged warrant, amendment, or extension

Building Warrant application

An application form (Form A), together with the appropriate fee and detailed plans, should be lodged; One paper set may be lodged until the final submission is agreed. It is recommended that you engage the services of a suitably qualified person to deal with all aspects of the application and building works.

The time taken to assess an application is dependent upon the complexity of the project and quality of submitted information, but we aim to respond to 80% of applications within 20 days of submission. If further information is required you will be advised in writing of the matters requiring clarification.

When compliance with the Technical Standards has been met a Building Warrant, valid for 3 years, will be issued; this validity period can be extended in certain circumstances.

If construction or refurbishment work is being carried out, you may need to notify the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and you may have other duties as well. Further information can be found at

Staged Building Warrant applications

Where all the information required for Building Warrant approval is not available at the time of application, which may be the case in larger projects, it is possible to apply for a Staged Building Warrant. If it is your intention to stage the Warrant application please contact us prior to submission; we will advise what plans, drawings, specifications etc. should accompany each stage of the application.

The initial stage should be applied for on the Building Warrant Application form, listing all subsequent stages. The fee for the entire project should be submitted at this time, unless otherwise agreed. Subsequent stages are applied for on an Amendment of Building Warrant Application form (Form B). There is an administration fee of £50 for each stage or the appropriate fee if the entire fee was not paid at the initial application. Approval of each stage of the Building Warrant will permit the work included in that stage to commence on site.

The Certificate of Completion will not be accepted until all stages are approved and the project is complete on site.

Amendments to Building Warrants

Once a Building Warrant has been approved there may be a variety of reasons why it is not possible to complete the project in accordance with the approved plans. Should this situation arise you should submit an application on the Amendment of Building Warrant form; the amendment will be processed in the same manner as the initial application. We will advise you on what plans, drawings, specifications and other particulars should accompany your application.

Work included in the amendment application should not be carried out on site until the amendment has been approved.

Extensions to period of Building Warrants

A Building Warrant is valid for thee years from the date of approval. All works included in the Warrant should be completed and a Certificate of Completion submitted to us prior to the expiry date. If you do not envisage the project being completed within this period you may apply for an Extension to the Period of the Building Warrant.

An extension must be applied for, prior to the Building Warrant expiring, on the approved form detailing the reasons for the extension. The request for extension will be considered and a written response issued. Each application is assessed on its own merits and an application may not be approved.

Application Forms and Guidance Notes

Application Forms and Guidance Notes

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