Landfill Communities Fund (Formerly Landfill Tax Credits)
Distribution Process For 2012 - 2013 (Year 16)

The following distribution process has been adopted by Glasgow City Council, Land and Environmental Services, for the disbursement of funds available from the Landfill Communities Fund (formerly Landfill Tax Credits) to Environmental Bodies for the Year 2012 - 2013 (Year 16).
Landfill Tax was first introduced in 1996 as a mechanism of reducing the amount of waste that is landfilled by encouraging waste minimisation and recycling. As part of the Landfill Tax process Landfill Operators have an opportunity to distribute a proportion of the Landfill Tax collected to ENTRUST registered Environmental Bodies.
As an operator of landfills Glasgow City Council has taken advantage of this opportunity and has distributed Landfill Tax Credits to Environmental Bodies since 1996. The distribution process has been co-ordinated through the Officer Landfill Tax Subgroup, putting forward recommendations to Committee for consideration and approval.
Through this process Glasgow City Council has distributed £11,002,545 to 35 different Environmental Bodies for 155 separate projects. For Landfill Tax Year 2011/12 (Year 15) the Council distributed £947,451 to 11 projects.

Distribution Process for 2012/2013 (Year 16)
The distribution process for Landfill Communities Fund has been refined year on year, to reflect experience gained and changes in the guidance issued by HM Customs and Excise.
Key criteria are:

  1. Potential projects will only be considered if these are put forward by an ENTRUST registered body and receive support of one of the Council Services or Partner Organisations (ie City Building, Glasgow Life & Cordia).
  2. Appropriate ENTRUST reference Numbers for both the project and the Environmental Body undertaking the work must be provided.
  3. Projects must have a supporting statement completed by a Nominating Officer from one of the Council services or partner organisations through which the application is submitted, reflecting their role in monitoring and reporting the progress of the project. This statement will reflect the relevance of the project to the Council's Corporate Objectives as reflected in the Environment Strategy. It should also reflect their role in monitoring and reporting the progress on the project.
  4. All forms - application forms, supporting statement and supporting documents must be submitted to the supporting Service/ALEO's Coordinating Officer.

The full criteria can be found in the supporting document 'Assessment Criteria'.

Distribution Timetable
June 2012: The call for potential projects is made to the Executive Directors of Council Services and Partner Organisations.
October 2012: Services/ALEOs will have their own internal deadlines and procedures for receiving potential projects for consideration. The Supporting Officer / Co-ordinating Officer from the Service/ALEO will be able to advise.
28th October 2012: The Executive Directors of Council Services / partner Organisations submit potential projects to Land & Environmental Services for consideration by the Landfill Community Fund Sub Group.
November 2012: Land & Environmental Service's Landfill Communities Fund Sub Group considers all projects submitted and prepares recommendations for consideration by the Executive Committee.
January/February 2013: Report submitted to Executive Committee for consideration.
May 2013: Release of Landfill communities fund to approved Environmental Bodies for approved projects.

Submission Deadline
Potential projects can only be submitted through the Executive Director of the supporting Council Service or Partner Organisation, who must submit to the Landfill Communities Fund Subgroup by 26th October 2012.
Please note Services and Partner Organisations will have their own internal deadlines, please check with the Service/ALEO.
Supporting Documents
To assist the distribution process the following documents are used:
word icon Application Form [122kb]
word icon Supporting Statement [49kb]
word icon Guidance Notes for Nominating Officer [50kb]
word icon Guidance on Financial Appraisal [31kb]
word icon Assessment Criteria [87kb]
word icon Conditions of Contribution [75kb]

For Further information, please contact:
Glasgow City Council
Land and Environmental Services
231 George Street
G1 1RX
Rolf Matthews
Waste Disposal Manage
Tel: 0141 287 2082