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Public Health

Glasgow City Council is committed to improving the quality of life for Glasgow citizens.  Protecting Public Health is a key area within this commitment and on these pages you will find information about how council staff work towards this.

Statutory Nuisances

Glasgow City Council investigates allegations of the existence of statutory nuisances. Every year over 4000 complaints are made about public health issues.  These complaints are mainly investigated under the auspices of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and other legislation. A statutory nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act may exist where conditions are particularly offensive.

Officers have powers to force entry to premises to inspect or to abate a statutory nuisance.  Where nuisance conditions are found officers will issue a Statutory Notice to require the abatement of a statutory nuisance.

A Statutory Notice may be immediate or give specified time limit for compliance.

Failure to comply with a notice may result in this service carrying out work on default or referring the matter to the Procurator Fiscal or both.

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