Residual Waste Strategy

Glasgow is seeking to develop a waste management system that will control waste generation, reduce environmental impacts of waste production, improve resource efficiency, stimulate investment and maximise economic opportunities arising from waste. Glasgow's aims and objectives are:-

  • to achieve recycling targets as defined in the Single Outcome Agreement (SOA);
  • to achieve landfill diversion targets;
  • to reduce the Council's landfill tax burden; and
  • to avoid landfill allowance penalties.

As part of the Waste Strategy Review, Glasgow commissioned the preparation of an Outline Business Case for Processing of Residual Municipal Solid Waste (OBC).
This OBC reviewed Glasgow's existing Waste Strategy and appraised the potential benefits the introduction of residual waste technology, would compliment existing waste operations, increase recycling performance and reduce amount of waste disposed to landfill.
The findings of this report (available for download below) enabled the city to make an informed long-term decision about the future delivery and investment in waste management infrastructure in Glasgow City, reducing the reliance on landfill as its principal method of waste disposal and ensuring that citizens are actively involved with implementing Glasgow's Waste Strategy.


Further Information
For enquiries on Glasgow's Waste Strategy, please contact:

Glasgow City Council
Land and Environmental Services
Exchange House 
231 George Street 
G1 1RX

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