Public General Holidays

Public General Holidays.

Public General Holidays in Glasgow differ from those of Council employees. These are already established under the Council's Conditions of Service.

With the exception of Easter the public general holidays follow a formula and fall at the same time each year. The formula is as follows:-

New Year's Day (or in lieu).

2nd January (or in lieu).

Easter Monday

May Day - 1st Monday in May.

Spring Holiday - Last Monday in May.

Glasgow Fair - Saturday before the 3rd Monday.

Autumn Holiday - Last Monday in September.

Christmas Day (or in lieu).

Boxing Day (or in lieu).

Public Holidays in 2015 will be as follows:-

New Year



1 January 2015

2 January 2015

EasterMonday6 April 2015
May DayMonday4 May 2015
SpringMonday25 May 2015
Glasgow FairSaturday18 July 2015
AutumnMonday28 September 2015



25 December 2015

28 December 2015