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Criminal Justice Social Work Services

Criminal Justice Services are provided in a framework of social and community initiatives intended to enhance quality of life and increase community safety in Glasgow. Glasgow is Scotland's largest city and has distinctive social and economic circumstances, including high levels of deprivation, drug and alcohol misuse.
The key objective of Criminal Justice Services is to achieve a reduction in re-offending, increase social inclusion of former offenders and support for victims of crime.
Glasgow carries a significant proportion of Scotland's criminal justice workload:

  • it is responsible for 20 per cent of all court disposals in the country
  • 32 per cent of all indictment (more serious) cases
  • 35 per cent of all High court cases in Scotland

Glasgow has the highest proportion of social work disposals in Sheriff courts in Scotland.
Criminal Justice Social Work Services are 100 per cent funded by direct grant from the Scottish Government which can be used for no other purpose. Services funded in this way are subject to National Outcomes and Standards in the Criminal Justice System which define the content and quality of services to be provided.

Every three years a Criminal Justice strategic plan is produced which defines the approach and objectives for the next three years.

Criminal Justice Social Work Services main aims include:

  • tackling criminal behaviour and reducing risk of re-offending
  • supervising offenders in the community
  • assisting prisoners re-settle into the community after release from custody.
Social Work Services responsibilities include:
  • providing effective supervision of offenders in the community
  • challenging offending behaviour and helping offenders realise the impact of their behaviour on themselves, their families, the community and their victims
  • assisting with problems that may contribute to offending, for example, drug or alcohol misuse
  • providing courts with a range of alternatives to prison in appropriate circumstances
  • promoting community safety and public protection

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Main services include:
  • assessments and reports on offenders to courts to assist decisions on sentencing
  • court social work services to assist those attending court whether as witnesses, accused people or offenders
  • bail information and supervision services as an alternative to custodial remand
  • supervising offenders in the community on community payback/ probation orders to tackle offending behaviour
  • supervising offenders on drug treatment and testing orders to reduce drug related crime
  • supervising offenders on unpaid work/community service orders who are required to perform unpaid, useful work for the benefit of the community
  • prison social work services to prisoners and their families
  • preparing reports for the Parole Board to assist decisions about release from prison
  • throughcare services including parole, supervised release and other prison aftercare orders to assist public safety and community protection
  • supporting victims of crime and their families
How services are provided

The City Council Social Work Services is the main provider, but works in partnership with voluntary organisations and community groups in the provision of criminal justice services in Glasgow.

Glasgow Community Justice Authority
(CJA) aims to reduce re offending, improve the management of offenders and create safer communities. The role of the CJA is to plan, co-ordinate, monitor and report on the delivery of offender services by local partners and what impact these services have on reducing re offending and making communities safe

Contact with Criminal Justice Social Work Services is normally as a result of court orders or sentences.

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