Registering a death - Introduction


Bereave1 When someone dies, it can be a stressful and upsetting time. As well as coping with the emotional distress that a death may bring, there are also several important legal requirements and other responsibilities which need to be managed.

Glasgow City Council (GCC) is responsible for providing the registration service in Glasgow and these pages have been produced to help you through the practical steps that need to be taken to register a death. It also includes other information that is often requested by people at this difficult time. It is important that anyone needing to register a death or cope with bereavement has the best and clearest information and guidance.

If you cannot find the information you need in these pages please contact us.

For appointments or general enquiries please phone 0141 287 7658.

For further help on the content of these pages, please phone our bereavement services helpline on 0141 287 3965.

This information is also available in British Sign Language.


  • Coping with bereavement
    • Emotional support
    • Financial advice
    • Benefits you can claim
    • Helping children cope with bereavement
    • Educations Services: Pastoral care

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Glasgow has burial grounds of varying size.

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Glasgow City Council offer permanent and digital options.

Glasgow City Council is committed to providing your loved ones with peaceful resting places in beautiful surroundings.

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