Blue Badge Scheme

The blue badge scheme is designed to give registered blind and disabled people the opportunity to park close to amenities.

To find out where you can park using your Blue Badge, go to section 2 (pages 14 - 23) of the booklet below.

Further Information can also be found within the Care and Support section of this website. 

Waiting Restrictions

Waiting restrictions indicated by yellow lines apply to the carriageway, pavement and verge. You may stop to load or unload (unless there are also loading restrictions as described below) or while passengers board or alight. Double yellow lines mean no waiting at any time, unless there are signs that specifically indicate seasonal restrictions. The times at which the restrictions apply for other road markings are shown on nearby plates or on entry signs to controlled parking zones. If no days are shown on the signs, the restrictions are in force every day including Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Waiting Restrictions

Loading Restrictions

Yellow marks on the kerb or at the edge of the carriageway indicate that loading or unloading is prohibited at the times shown on the nearby black and white plates. You may stop while passengers board or alight. If no days are indicated on the signs the restrictions are in force every day including Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Always check the times shown on the plates.

Lengths of road reserved for vehicles loading and unloading are indicated by a white 'bay' marking with the works 'Loading Only' and a sign with the white on blue 'trolley' symbol. This sign also shows whether loading and unloading is restricted to goods vehicles and the time at which the bay can be used. If no times or days are shown it may be used at any time. Vehicles may not park here if they are not loading or unloading.

Loading Restrictions

Restricted Parking Zones

Restrictions throughout these zones are indicated by zone entry signs and time plates within the zone, but without yellow lines or kerb marks. Parking within a Restricted parking Zone is only permitted within the bays delineated by white road markings. Additional advisory signs can be found within each zone highlighting the unconventional road markings to vehicle users.

Restricted Parking Zones                             Zone Ends

Further information on signs affecting motorists can be found in the highway code.

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