Support Services for Physically Disabled People

We deliver a range of support services to physically disabled people living in the city - use the links below to find out more.

Apart from initial information and advice it is usually necessary to be assessed for a service. We will use our eligibility criteria [39kb] to decide which level of need you fit into - low, moderate, substantial or critical. We will give priority to people with substantial or critical level of needs. If you already have a social worker then you should continue to contact them in the usual way, if you've not contacted social work before then contact Social Care Direct on 0141 287 0555. There is no charge for assessment, but for some services there may be a charge. This normally depends upon your income. For information on how to comment, compliment or complain see Contact Us

Our commitment to you

At Home
We can provide personal care assistance and other practical assistance within your home, for example, housework, shopping and cleaning. For more information on services available in your own home visit the Support at home page

Benefits and Payments
Information on benefits and payments is available within Getting Advice section. You may also find the information on Direct Payments for care of interest.

Day Services
We offer support to enable you to participate in a range of community activities, for example, attending college, libraries or visiting shopping centres and cafes. This may be done by linking to a day centre and/or by linking directly to education, recreation and employment opportunities.

Independent Living
We offer advice on living independently in the community and financial assistance for you to become an employer of a Personal Assistant or Assistants. If you are unable or do not wish to become an employer you may be given financial assistance to pay for agency staff to meet your individual care needs and support you in the community. You may also find the information on Direct Payments for care of interest.

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Job coaching
We can provide assistance with retaining your job or accessing training and educational opportunities in the field of work.

Occupational Therapy
We can arrange for an assessment of your needs to help you achieve greater levels of independence in your every day life. These needs may be met by equipment or adaptations through joint work with the Glasgow Housing Association and other housing agencies.

Residential Care
For information on residential care services contact your local social work office.

Respite Care
We can organise short stays in accommodation away from home where you can enjoy a short break from your normal home routine.

Supported Accommodation
We offer a range of different types of accommodation with support from staff who either stay over or visit. The level of support is set to accommodate differing care needs.

Supported Employment
We can provide support to help disabled people to obtain employment or retain their job.

Information on these, and other, services is available in leaflet format. These are available in portable document format for downloading. The Adobe Acrobat reader can be freely downloaded from the Adobe web site.

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