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An effective transport system is vital for economic well-being and a good quality of life. The Sustainable Glasgow partners are looking at how we can reduce the need for travel, maximise walking and cycling, promote the use of transport systems with lower emissions, and improve travel efficiency.


A number of Sustainable Glasgow partners are working together on the development of electric vehicles.


  • Help plan your journey with Walkit - an urban walking route planner
    Link to: Walkit website
  • Read about SPARColl, a research collaboration investigating the benefits of walking
    Link to: SPARColl website


  • Find a list of cycling clubs and other tools with SPT Cycling
    Link to: SPT
  • Read the Bike Polite code for cycling
    Link to: Polite Cycling
  • CTC - the national cyclists' organisation, hosts information and news about cycling on its website
    Link to: CTC Website


  • Find out about rail travel in Scotland with ScotRail
  • Visit Network Rail - the organisation that runs and maintains Britain's railway infrastructure, from tracks to tunnels
  • The Scottish Government's national transport agency, Transport Scotland, has details of major rail projects


  • For details of bus travel, visit SPT Bus

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