Burial grounds

Burial Ground Locations

Glasgow City Council manages and maintains many cemeteries and burial grounds throughout the city. These locations offer an area where quiet contemplation can be found in a peaceful environment.

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The following list contains the larger burial grounds in Glasgow and if you require further information on these or any other within the City boundaries please contact our staff who will assist where possible.

  • Cardonald Cemetery
    547 Mosspark Boulevard Glasgow, G52 1SB
    First Burial - 18th April 1922
  • Eastern Necropolis
    1264 Gallowgate, Glasgow, G31 4DR
    First Burial - 27th August 1847
  • Eastwood Cemetery
    271 Thornliebank Road, Glasgow, G46 7RJ
    First Burial - 1911
  • Glasgow Necropolis
    70 Cathedral Square, Glasgow, G4 0UZ
    First Burial - 1832
  • Lambhill Cemetery
    957 Balmore Road, Glasgow, G23 5LB
    First Burial - 23rd July 1881
    • Lambhill Extension
      19 Tresta Road, Glasgow, G23 5LB
      First Burial - April 1997
  • Linn Cemetery
    413 Lainshaw Drive, Glasgow, G45 9SP
    First Burial - July 1961
  • Riddrie Park Cemetery
    1171 Cumbernauld Road, Glasgow, G33 2QS
    First Burial - July 1901
  • Sandymount Cemetery
    21 Gartcocher Terrace, Glasgow G32 0HE
    First Burial - July 1878
  • Sighthill Cemetery
    300 Springburn Road, Glasgow, G21 1SE
    First Burial - 1840
  • Southern Necropolis
    300 Caledonia Road, Glasgow, G5 0TB
    First Burial -
    • Central 21st July 1840
    • Eastern - 1846
    • Western - December 1850
  • St Kentigerns
    951 Balmore Road, Glasgow, G23 5HA
    First Burial - 1st December 1882
  • Tollcross Cemetery
    114 Corbett Street, Glasgow, G32 8LG
    First Burial - 1897
  • Western Necropolis
    19 Tresta Road, Glasgow, G23 5LB
    First Burial - April 1882
    • Western Necropolis Extension
      Tresta Road, Glasgow, G23
  • Carmunock Cemetery
    Carmunock Road
    Netherton Road, Glasgow, G76

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Further information can be obtained in person from:

Land and Environmental Services
Bereavement Services
Daldowie Crematorium
Hamilton Road
G71 7RU

Phone:0141 287 3961
E-mail: les@glasgow.gov.uk

Correspondence address for all bereavement services is:

Cemeteries & Crematoria Registrar
231 George Street
G1 1RX