At work


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Companies are increasingly viewing environmental issues as a priority. With unnecessarily generated energy wasting cash that could be spent elsewhere, the business case for going green in the office is clear.

Quick energy saving tips at work:

  • Turn off your computer monitor when you are away from your desk for a long period e.g. lunch and meetings and when you go home
  • Make use of the standby function on your PC/laptop when you are away from your desk for a long period
  • Turn off the lights in your office if you're the last one to leave
  • When using the kettle only boil the amount of water you will actually need
  • Use the stairs instead of the lift if possible
  • Keep your eyes peeled for lights left on when they don't need to be, electrical equipment on standby etc
  • Don't print or photocopy unless absolutely necessary
  • Don't print the whole document if you only need certain pages
  • Set your printer to print on both sides of the paper by default. It will automatically reduce the amount of paper you use