Clyde Tunnel

The Clyde Tunnel

The Clyde Tunnel links north and south Glasgow with an average of 65,000 vehicles per day travelling through it, making it a key part of the transport network within not only Glasgow but also West Scotland.

In the Event of a Breakdown

  • Stay in your vehicle
    • Be patient - you will be spotted on the monitors that are operational at all times
  • A tow vehicle will come to assist you

    • your vehicle will then be towed out of the tunnel to a safe point
    • you can then summon a breakdown company for further assistance with your vehicle

Please Note - There is an assistance charge - please refer to the pdf icon LES Book Of Charges [203kb] for current rates.

Interesting Facts
  • 1947 - Glasgow Corporation Planning for the tunnel began
  • Construction began in 1957
  • Opened 3rd July 1963
    • initial estimates were for 13,000 vehicles per day
  • There are in fact two tunnels - one northbound and one southbound
    • each tunnel has a cycleway and a pedestrian path
  • The length of the Clyde Tunnel is 762metres
    • the width of the river at the same point is 123 metres
  • The tunnel went through a major refurbishment that involved the installation of a new secondary lining incorporating the latest fire protection materials available at the time.
    • costs were approximately £12 million
    • work started in March 2005 and were completed in 2007

Contact Details:

Glasgow City Council
Land and Environmental Services
231 George Street
G1 1RX

Phone: 0141 339 2236
Fax: 0141 287 9059