Cathkin 2 Landfill Site

Glasgow City Council currently has one operational landfill site. This site at Cathkin near to Carmunnock Village in South Lanarkshire was opened to receive waste in May 2001.

The site based on the former Carmunnock No. 3 reservoir is approximately 85 hectares in size, however, only 38 hectares of this is designated for landfill purposes.

The site will be developed in a number of phases. As a result of this phased nature of development and progressive restoration only approximately a third of the site will be worked at any one time.

In order to protect the environment and local water resources close to the site, each phase of the development has a protective liner and associated drainage laid prior to waste being deposited. This liner allows contaminated water to be retained within the landfill until it is pumped to an onsite treatment works prior to being discharged into the sewerage system.

On completion of the landfill, it is the intention of Glasgow City Council to return the land to agricultural use, which will be indistinguishable from grazing land surrounding it. Hedges adding quality in both visual and nature conservation terms, will replace the former fence field boundaries. Overall the aim is to provide a restored landscape that will be more accessible, better managed and have a greater diversity both visually and environmentally.

If you require further information on this or any other aspect of waste disposal in Glasgow please contact the Council Customer Care Centre either by phone or email.

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