Glasgow Key Fund

The Glasgow Key Fund is a service provided by Ypeople with two separate strands of service provision:

  • A Rent Deposit Guarantee Service which helps people who are either homeless or threatened with homelessness to find a solution to their housing needs through the private rented sector. Where Glasgow City Council has determined there is a need for housing and the private rented sector is a suitable option, a referral can be made to the service.
  • Temporary accommodation sourced from the private rented sector, will accommodate households assessed by Glasgow City Council as homeless and awaiting permanent accommodation in either private or social sector housing. Ypeople will lease properties directly from private landlords and rent them to households in housing need. All tenancy management issues associated with the property will be the responsibility of Ypeople. 

Access to both strands of the service is managed by Homelessness Services community casework and prison casework teams.

The service can be contacted at the following:

Glasgow Key Fund - 17 Dava Street, Glasgow, G51 2JA

Telephone: 0141 565 1212    Fax: 0141 565 1219