Childcare in Glasgow


Créche Services
A number of crèche services are operated by voluntary sector organisations within Glasgow. More information on Créche Services can be found on Scottish Childcare Website.

Childminding is home-based care where children are looked after in the childminder's own home. Childminders look after children of all ages, providing full or part-time daycare, as well as care around playgroup, nursery or school hours. Childminders offer a flexible daycare service, usually all year round. Childminders are required, by law, to be registered with Care Inspectorate.

Registered childminders provide care and education together as one service for young children in a family setting.  Such settings can offer security, comfort, protection, individual attention, safety and nurturing.  Childminders are self-employed and negotiate terms and conditions with the individual parent or guardian. More information on Childminders in Glasgow can be found on Scottish Childcare Website.

How to become a Registered Childminder

The registration process is wide-ranging and rigorous

Registration involves gaining references, training, a health check and a police check on the would-be childminder and every other adult in their household

To become a registered childminder you must, by law register with the Care Inspectorate. Anyone offering a childcare service in their own home for more than two hours a day, for children aged under 16, must be registered.

The prospective childminder's home is inspected too, to ensure it is a safe and suitable environment for children. Following registration, the Care Inspectorate carries out an annual inspection to monitor standards and premises. 

Registered childminders must show how they meet the criteria stated in the National Care Standards for Early Education and Childcare up to the age of 16.
Care Inspectorate Head Office
Compass House
11 Riverside Drive

Phone: 0845 603 0890 (Lo-call)

Do you need any qualifications?
At the moment it is not a requirement of registration for childminders to have qualifications. There are advantages to obtaining qualifications, especially if you want to make a long-term career out of working with children.

It is also a good idea to undertake training courses to further your skills. The Scottish Childminding Association can assist you in finding appropriate training
SCMA Head Office:
Suite 3
7 Melville Terrace

Phone:                  01786 445 377
Fax:                      01786 449 062
Advice Line:          01786 449 063

Out of School Care Services
Out of School Care Services offer care for school-age children before and after school until their parents collect them. Some Out of School Care Services offer daycare during school holiday periods and in-service days.More information on Out of School Care in Glasgow is available from the Scottish Childcare Website.