St Roch's Secondary School

St Roch's Secondary SchoolAccommodation Details

The refurbishment of St Roch's school included the demolition of a surplus building to create additional staff car parking. The refurbishment included replacement of windows, the creation of a new social area next to the Fuel Zone, the creation of a new Hearing Impairment Unit within the school, as well as the refurbishment of the existing sports pitches

In addition, a large library and IT Learning Centre helps pupils and teachers make the most of the Internet technology

The streamlining and modernisation of this school has led to dramatic improvements in the facilities it offers. Designed to hold 950 pupils, it includes:

  • 24 general classrooms
  • 6 dedicated ICT teaching areas
  • 8 science labs
  • 4 technical rooms
  • 4 art and design rooms
  • 3 home economics rooms
  • 2 music rooms
  • a drama studio
  • 2 gymansia
  • a purpose built oratory

Physical education facilities include 3 indoor areas, including a swimming pool, and upgraded outdoor sports pitches.