Scottish FA Performance School and School of Football

School of Football

Holyrood Secondary, Europe's largest secondary school with over 2,000 pupils, is one of just seven Scottish FA's elite performance schools.

The Performance Schools programme is designed to give talented boys and girls, with the best potential to develop their abilities, the opportunity to practise and be coached in football every day within a school environment.

The programme provides football practice to the selected pupils for the first four years of their high school life (S1 - S4) in tandem with their academic studies.

Although designed as an elite player development programme, it also has a positive impact on the pupils' physical, social, emotional and academic development.

Scottish FA's full-time Elite Youth Coaches work closely with clubs and other partners to ensure that the programme complements and supplements that of the clubs. Former Celtic player Brian McLaughlin is the SFA Coach responsible for Holyrood. In its first year, Performance School players have had the chance to meet and play against their counterparts in Performance Schools across the country, as well as playing with their club sides and for the school at times.

The school is ideally situated close to the National Stadium at Hampden Park and also adjacent to the state-of-the-art football training facilities at Toryglen National Football Centre.

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Contact details for the school:

Holyrood Secondary School
100 Dixon Road, Glasgow, G42 8AU
Category: Roman Catholic School
Headteacher: Laurie Byrne
Phone: 0141 582 0120
Fax: 0141 582 0121

St Mungo's Academy and Govan High - Glasgow Schools of Football

The council announced in August 2011 that two new Schools of Football would kick-off at schools in the city - St Mungo's Academy and Govan High for young people in S1 and S2.

Working in conjunction with the Scottish Football Association (SFA), the schools became part of a programme of only 16 schools across the country and one of the aims is to encourage more young people to play football.

However, the schools of football are about more than just playing ability, by using the principles of football and sporting motivation, the aims is also to develop and improve a young person's social and academic abilities.

As part of the initiative pupils will follow an enhanced timetable which includes a period of football activity every day.

Football is used as a tool to motivate the pupils, enhance their social skills such as communication, listening and behaviour with the success of the programme evaluated via factors such as school attendance and academic improvement.

The pupils are currently coached by Scottish FA Player and Coach Development Officer, Brian McLaughlin.

For further information on Schools of Football in Glasgow, please e-mail Brian McLaughlin or telephone 07841 569803 or visit the website.

Contact information for Glasgow Schools of Football are:

St Mungo's Academy
235 Crownpoint Road, Glasgow, G40 2RA
Category: Roman Catholic School
Head Teacher: Angela Milton
Phone: 0141 582 0260
Fax: 0141 582 0261

Govan High School
12 Ardnish Street, Glasgow, G51 4NB
Category: Non-Denominational School
Head Teacher: Iain White
Phone: 0141 582 0090
Fax: 0141 582 0091