Upgrade of Glasgow's school estate announced

Glasgow City Council has agreed to an ambitious plan to rebuild or refurbish every primary in Glasgow, as well as every remaining nursery and additional support for learning (ASL) school in the next five years.

4Rs launch - Kelbourne School window

Just last month, elected members approved £5 million to be used to cover initial design, project management costs and detailed surveys for phase 5 of the city's education estate strategy.

The council's Executive Committee today gave backing to the new strategy named 4Rs for Glasgow - right schools, right size, right place, right time.

Councillor Stephen Curran, Executive Member for Education and Young People, said: "This is great news for the citizens of Glasgow. Our sole aim is to educate our children in buildings fit for purpose and I'm delighted with the announcement today.

"In the last 12 years this council has spent more than £550 million on improving Glasgow's schools and this has benefited over 100 establishments across the city."

"We have pledged to rebuild or refurbish every primary in the city, as well as every remaining early years and ASL school.

"Not only will this benefit children across Glasgow, this major capital investment will provide a significant boost to the local economy.

"Education and jobs are both priorities for the council and we are committed to delivering on them."

"Last month we agreed on £5million to kick-start phase 5 of the education estate strategy and this will cover initial design, project management costs and surveys.

"I have personally been out visiting a couple of schools a week since taking over my education role in May and spending time speaking to head teachers, local members and parent councils to hear about their school building issues."

Detailed survey results, costs and timescales for the refurbishment plans will be announced in the New Year.