Lourdes Primary re-opens

Lourdes Primary school has re-opened to all pupils and staff.

Primary School
All pupils and staff have returned to their classrooms in Lourdes Primary school following building repairs by Miller Construction.

A letter to families from the head teacher, Brian Traynor, has thanked parents for their patience and understanding during the period of closure. 
Pupils and their teachers had been decanted to local schools while the work was being carried out and everyone is now delighted to be back in familiar surroundings.
Below is a copy of the letter sent to parents and includes the arrangements for the return to school for all classes:

At long last, I am able to write to you with good news about our school.

Today, I did a site visit to the school along with the Executive Director of Education, Legal Services and Miller Construction.

The wall ties will all be in place by Thursday 20 December. Miller are now repairing the brickwork and re-painting sections where exploratory work was carried out. There remains some internal work to be carried out as a precautionary measure in the assembly hall, one classroom and in one of the toilets. They will be continuing to complete this work throughout the holiday period.

In order to minimise any further disruption to families by having to close the school on 7th January and to give the staff time to pack and unpack all the school resources, we are proposing to have a phased return to the school.

On Monday 7th January - all P1 to P5 children should come to Lourdes Primary School as normal.

On Monday 7th January - all P6 and P7 children should continue to go to Lourdes Secondary School.

On Monday 7th January - nursery children should continue to go to Rosshall Nursery.

During the morning of 7th January, we will transport by bus all the P1 to P5 children to Lourdes Secondary School, just as we did this week for the pantomime. We are bringing in a visiting theatre group to stage a performance for all pupils at Lourdes Secondary school. This will allow our P1 to P5 teachers some time to set up their classrooms.

We are proposing to use the weekend of 12th and 13th January to move the P6 and P7 classroom and nursery resources back into Lourdes Primary School. From 14th January, P6, P7 and nursery children should return to Lourdes Primary School as normal.

Once again I would like to thank parents for their patience and understanding during this difficult period but I know that you will all be pleased that we can now return, all be it in stages, to our school and continue our learning.