Modern face of fostering and adoption unveiled in Glasgow

Glasgow City Chambers has become the backdrop for a stunning set of images that reveal the modern face of fostering and adoption.

Fostering and Adoption 2013 campaign

More than ever, Glasgow needs to recruit new foster carers and adoptive parents to help provide homes for the rising number of vulnerable children coming into the care of the council.

From 5.30pm on Wednesday, January 23, a series of high-powered projections on to the facade of the City Chambers will highlight the eligibility for potential carers while also challenging mis-conceptions about who is able to foster or adopt.

The images will show that:

- single people can foster,

- same sex couples can adopt,

- people who don't own their own home can foster,

- people in their forties can adopt,

- couples who live together but are not married can foster.

Councillor Matt Kerr, the council's Executive Member for Social Care, welcomed the renewed campaign to recruit carers and backed the drive to cast the net as wide as possible.

He said: "Glasgow urgently needs foster carers and adoptive parents. The number of vulnerable children who need to be cared for by the council shows no sign of easing. New rules mean that far more people are now eligible to take on the vital role of fostering or adoption.

"Faced with ever increasing numbers of children in care, it is only sensible that we use the rules as they stand to ensure we get the carers and adopters the city needs. The images projected on to the City Chambers illustrate the wide range of people who can help us look after the young people in our care. I'm sure the images will give people pause for thought on what is possible with fostering and adoption nowadays. If anyone has ever considered fostering or adoption then now is the time to step forward."

The projections are part of a wider campaign to recruit carers and adopters. The council now has around 500 fostering households, many of whom are moving close to retirement. Over 1200 young people are looked after by foster carers with the council looking after some 3600 children in total.

The number of children in foster care has risen by around 200 in the past two years with overall number of children being looked after by the council rising by around 300 over the same period. Almost two-thirds of the children looked after by the council had a parent or parents with a previous or current substance misuse.

Anyone wishing to find out more about fostering and adoption with Glasgow City Council can visit here or phone 08452 700609.