Statue salutes Glasgow's first female councillor

A statue in honour of Glasgow's first female councillor could soon be erected in the city.

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Glasgow City Council has backed calls to erect a monument celebrating the life and achievements of the committed community activist, Mary Barbour.
Councillors passed a motion by Councillor Pauline McKeever urging the local authority to support the Remember Mary Barbour committee which has been campaigning for recognition of the local heroine who led the way for women politicians in Glasgow.
Mary campaigned tirelessly to improve people's lives and was a leading organiser of the 1915 Govan rent strikes.
Councillor McKeever said: "As a councillor, Mary Barbour campaigned successfully for improvements in the lives of her fellow citizens, and spent the rest of her life helping others. Her many accomplishments have had a profound effect on the communities she represented, ensuring that her legacy today be as a powerful role model for the people of Glasgow and in particular for the women of the city."
Glasgow currently has three other statues commemorating women. They are of Queen Victoria in George Square, Lady Isabella Elder in Govan and La Passionaria on the Clydeside Walkway.