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River Activation Programme

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The River Clyde Strategic Development Framework (SDF) seeks to position the River Corridor in Glasgow as a vibrant, inclusive, liveable and well-connected place.

To help realise this vision, the SDF proposes a River Activation Programme (RAP) to support temporary interventions on vacant or under used sites along the River Corridor.

Key priorities under the River Activation Programme include:

  • Stimulating interest and engagement with the River.
  • Bringing activity to the river and animating the waterfront through temporary use.
  • Encouraging greater use of the River Corridor at different times of the day.
  • Engaging with local communities in the River Corridor and wider Glasgow City.
  • Enhancing the city's relationship with the River and improving access by local and wider communities.
  • Supporting a healthy environment along the River through an enhanced natural environment.

Types of Projects

Based on the priorities, the following are some suggested types of temporary projects that could be supported through this programme. This list is only indicative and not comprehensive.

  • Greening of sites to raise place quality and support biodiversity.
  • Events that animate spaces and bring people to the river.
  • Cultural activities that seek to create a shared vision for the river.
  • Food Growing Initiatives.
  • Enhancements to walkways and routes along, across and to the river.
  • Pop-up cafés, markets and natural play spaces.
  • Other projects and activities that reconnect the city with the water space.

Projects will be expected to align with the River Action Programme priorities and reflect the vision and aims of the SDF.

In addition, the River Activation Programme seeks to promote collaborative working and co-creation across local groups and organisations, with active engagement and involvement of local communities of Glasgow.


Funding grants will be available from £5K up to £20K, subject to scale and impact, to support suitable temporary projects that fit the aims and objectives of the River Activation Programme.

Eligibility Criteria

Funding under the River Activation Programm is only available to Constituted Groups and Voluntary Organisations.

The group/organisation must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Must be not-for-profit and should not allow anyone to profit from being associated with the organisation.
  • Must have a managing body, management committee, or a similar body which meets regularly.
  • Must have elected office bearers e.g. Chairperson, secretary and treasurer.
  • Must have designated authorised signatories.
  • Must have a governing document (e.g. A Constitution) that has been approved by the organisation and signed by an office bearer.
  • Must have a bank account with at least three unrelated signatories.

We encourage partnership working that allows individuals and non-constituted groups, which would otherwise be ineligible to apply, to collaborate with a constituted group/organisation on a proposal, where the constituted group is the principal applicant.

How to Apply

To apply for this funding please complete the  and read the Guidance Notes before applying. 

The deadline for applications is 26th August 2022.


Please take a few moments to read this checklist to ensure that you have included all relevant information with your appliaction.

  • You have completed all the relevant questions in the online application form.
  • You have given a daytime contact number or email address in case we need to contact you.
  • You have indicated which of the eligible sites you are interested in.
  • You have indicated the amount of funding you are requesting.

Support Documents

Please ensure you have attached the relevant supporting documents with your Online Application Form.

  • Current Bank Statement
  • Constitution or other governing body document
  • Any other documents/drawings in support of the application

Please Note

  • The "total maximum file size" that can be submitted with this application is 3Mbs. 
  • If your file size is larger than that then please Email this to us with your contact details and the name of your organisation in the email. 
  • If you attempt to upload files above the file size your application will not submit.




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