Glasgow City Council Agenda - 14 September 2017, 13:30 Help

A meeting to be held at City Chambers, Glasgow at 13:30 on 14 September 2017.

Number Item
1Minutes of Council meeting of 29th June 2017 (Print 2, pages 229 to 234).  View Papers
2Print 2 - Committees' minutes - Consideration of paragraphs marked "C", remaining paragraphs submitted for information and approval as a correct record only (page 235 onwards).  View Papers
3Local Government By-Election - Election of Councillor for Electoral Ward 4 (Cardonald) - Report by Returning Officer. View Papers
4Standards Commission Hearing - Report by Director of Governance and Solicitor to the Council. View Papers
5Review of decision-making arrangements - Report by Council Business Manager. View Papers
6Changes to committees etc - View Papers
(a)Licensing and Regulatory Committee - Remove Martin McElroy and appoint Gary Gray;
(b)Local Licensing Forum - Remove Tony Curtis and appoint Robert Connelly;
(c)Planning Applications Committee - Appoint Anne McTaggart.
7Representation on outside bodies:-  View Papers
(a)Community Safety Glasgow - Appoint Mr Alan Benson and Mr Stephen McGowan as Independent Directors;
(b)COSLA Policy Boards:-
1Children and Young People Board - Appoint Chris Cunningham, with Richard Bell as substitute;
2Community Wellbeing Board - Appoint Jennifer Layden, with Russell Robertson as substitute;
3Environment and Economy Board - Appoint Anna Richardson, with Rhiannon Spear as substitute; and
4Health and Social Care Board - Appoint Mhairi Hunter, with Ken Andrew as substitute;
(c)North East Sector Community Planning Partnership - Appoint Russell Robertson; and
(d)Scotland Excel Joint Committee - Appoint Martin McElroy as substitute.
9Questions. View Papers
10Notices of motions:-
(a)By Councillor Ruairi Kelly:-

"Council recognises that a 24% increase in the average cost of private rents over the past 5 years has been disproportionate to any increase in average income.

Council therefore proposes that a study is commissioned to look at the potential options around implementing either a city-wide or localised Rent Pressure Zones to limit the annual increases in the privately rented sector." View Papers
(b)By Councillor Frank McAveety:-

"Council calls on Theresa May to acknowledge that she has no mandate to govern and carry out a policy programme based on austerity measures and a hard Brexit; Council, therefore, believes that Theresa May should step aside in the best interests of the people of the United Kingdom; further, Council agrees that the Conservative Party should put its programme to the people of the country once more in order that citizens may make a definitive decision on who should govern."  View Papers
(c)By Councillor Thomas Kerr:-

"Council calls on NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to reverse its decision to close Lightburn Hospital and calls on the Scottish Government to intervene to stop this closure. Council further calls on both parties to urgently review this decision recognising the impact that it would have on care in the local community and the detrimental effect that its closure would have on the local economy." View Papers
(d)By Councillor Allan Young:-

"Council welcomes the scoping work done by the Royal Society For the Encouragement Of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) on the possibility of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) trial in Glasgow; recognises the potential of UBI to alleviate some of the financial and time pressures faced by those living on the lowest incomes; and identifies the potential of UBI to transform gender inequality by reducing the extra financial and time penalties experienced by women in shouldering the majority of caring responsibilities.

Council also understands the potential improvements to health and well-being for many from UBI; notes the potential contribution of UBI to strengthening the position of workers; recognises the potential benefit for enabling entrepreneurship and social enterprise; and regards UBI as an addition, and not a replacement, to vital support services such as social security.

Council resolves to reconvene a cross-party working group on trialling Universal Basic Income (UBI) for the city of Glasgow, noting the cross party work done to date on this." View Papers
(e)By Councillor Frank McAveety:-

"Council is concerned about the potential negative impacts of fracking, including environmental, community and health impacts; notes that there are two areas in the city - Robroyston and Milton - which are included in a UK Government licence for fracking onshore gas; recognises that there is currently a temporary moratorium on fracking in Scotland; nevertheless believes that this serves to prolong uncertainty for communities and businesses across the City; supports calls by members of the Scottish Parliament to introduce a national ban; and calls on the Scottish Government to introduce a national ban on fracking." View Papers
(f)By Councillor Matt Kerr:-

"Council is deeply concerned about Scottish Government cuts to funding for welfare advice projects in Glasgow; understands that these cuts came into effect on 31st March 2017; believes that these changes negatively impact upon many vulnerable people in the city who, in addition to the cuts to date, have been subject to the benefit cap, the two child policy and 'rape clause' on tax credits; further notes this Council's persistent opposition to welfare cuts; resolves to ensure that the poorest and most vulnerable Glaswegians are protected; and calls on the Leader of the Council to write to the Scottish Government to express concern at these changes, restore funding for these vital advice projects and provide assistance to vulnerable people across Glasgow." View Papers
(g)By Councillor Martin McElroy:-

"Council recognises MCR Pathways which aims to help raise the attainment and aspirations of thousands of Glasgow's young people, many of whom may not have a steady influence in their lives; notes that the programme is already firmly established in 15 city secondary schools, supporting hundreds of vulnerable people on a daily basis; congratulates the project on winning the Scottish Mentoring Network 'Most Promising Education Project of the Year' in 2014 and winner in the Herald Society Awards 2016; welcomes the decision in August 2016 to formalise and secure the long-term future of the programme by signing a public social partnership agreement with MCR Foundation, the Robertson Trust, STV Appeal and the Life Changes Trust; notes this Council's commitment to attract at least 10% of its workforce to the pioneering project; encourages Council employees who would like to support a young person to take part and make a difference to a young person's life; and wishes all those involved in the project every success for the future." View Papers
(h)By Councillor Ken Andrew:-

"Council recognises that Glasgow enjoys a long-standing international reputation as a major centre for music.

Council notes the many bands and artists that started their career in the city.
Council further notes that no major musical act misses Glasgow from their touring schedule.

Accordingly, this Council instructs Glasgow Life to investigate an urban music festival to be held in the city, modelled on highly successful events currently being run in cities across the world." View Papers
(i)By Councillor Robert Mooney:-

"Council re-affirms its commitment to economic development and welcomes the regeneration projects across Glasgow through the City Deal, and other projects. Council also recognises the rights of all Glaswegians to be able to walk in safety and confidence, and is concerned that the introduction of shared space schemes can inadvertently lead to many blind and partially sighted people, and other street users, losing their rights to walk and travel in safety and confidence.

Without a safe walking area and a safe place to cross, shared space areas cannot be used safely by blind or partially sighted people as eye contact is impossible. Walking and moving around in such environments for deaf blind people is even more difficult.

Council resolves to ensure that economic development which leads to improvements in our street architecture are consistent with the needs of all street users, and do not become an additional barrier for disabled people." View Papers
(j)By Bailie Kyle Thornton:-

"Council recognises the 200th anniversary of the birth of Alexander 'Greek' Thomson and calls on the administration to task Council departments with improving the knowledge and marketing of Thomson and his architecture in the city and wider. Council notes the many unique buildings across Glasgow that Thomson designed but is also concerned with the condition of some and will do what it can to preserve his work as part of Glasgow's architectural history." View Papers
11Emergency motion by Councillor Soryia Siddique. View Papers