Glasgow City Council Agenda - 02 November 2017, 13:00 Help

A meeting to be held at City Chambers, Glasgow at 13:00 on 02 November 2017.

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1Minutes of Council meeting of 14th September 2017 (Print 3, pages 283 to 318). View Papers
2Print 2 - Committees' minutes - Consideration of paragraphs marked "C", remaining paragraphs submitted for information and approval as a correct record only (page 319 onwards). View Papers
3Council Strategic Plan 2017-2022 - Report by Leader of the Council. View Papers
4Glasgow City Charter - Report by City Convener for Equalities and Human Rights. View Papers
5Proposed Review of Governance - Report by Council Business Manager. View Papers
6Changes to committees etc :- City Administration Committee - Appoint Mr James Hamilton as Church of Scotland representative. View Papers
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10Notices of motions:-
(a)By Councillor Jennifer Layden:-

"Council welcomes the recent commitment by Scottish Government and the Private members Bill to tackle period poverty through the free provision of sanitary products in educational establishments and notes that Scotland is already one of the first countries in the world to tackle 'period poverty' through a pilot scheme in Aberdeen and applauds the extension of this.

Council recognises however that whilst many women and girls will benefit from this, others in vulnerable situations, may not.

Glasgow City Council therefore instructs the City Convener for Equalities and Human Rights along with the City Treasurer to work with the Scottish Government and women and girls groups, to develop and implement an action plan to introduce free sanitary products in schools in Glasgow; and to scope out extending access to others." View Papers
(b)By Councillor Matt Kerr:-

"That this council regrets the cuts in welfare rights funding from the Scottish Government earlier this year and calls upon them to reconsider the criteria used to inform this decision in the light of the continued attack on our citizens and the Social Security system by the UK government's vicious and incompetent welfare reform agenda.

Furthermore, we note the disastrous effects of the benefit cap which has driven a spike in the already appallingly high demand for foodbanks in our city this year, and call upon the Scottish government to work with local authorities to find the 11m required to fully-mitigate the benefit cap in Scotland immediately." View Papers
(c)By Councillor Euan Blockley:-

"Following recent evidence showing that literacy and numeracy levels are falling across Scotland, Council calls on the Scottish Government to review the current Curriculum for Excellence. Council further calls for the Scottish Government to enact the recommendations of the "A new blueprint for Curriculum for Excellence" report of May 2017 as soon as possible." View Papers
(d)By Councillor Allan Young:-

"Council welcomes the scoping work done by the Royal Society For the Encouragement Of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) on the possibility of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) trial in Glasgow; recognises the potential of UBI to alleviate some of the financial and time pressures faced by those living on the lowest incomes; and identifies the potential of UBI to transform gender inequality by reducing the extra financial and time penalties experienced by women in shouldering the majority of caring responsibilities.

Council also understands the potential improvements to health and well-being for many from UBI; notes the potential contribution of UBI to strengthening the position of workers; recognises the potential benefit for enabling entrepreneurship and social enterprise; and regards UBI as an addition, and not a replacement, to vital support services such as social security.

Council resolves to reconvene a cross-party working group on trialling Universal Basic Income (UBI) for the city of Glasgow, noting the cross party work done to date on this." View Papers
(e)By Bailie Annette Christie:-

"Council understands that poverty increases the risk of people experiencing mental health issues and that a complex set of environmental factors can significantly affect mental health; and that its role in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of people requires engaging with this complexity. Council recognises that it is crucial that leadership in promoting better mental health comes from the top and that the values and ethos must come from elected members and senior management - welcoming people with mental health problems and creating a culture that is inclusive and understanding of individual's needs.

Council instructs officers to incorporate health promotion into the full range of Council policies, and support and encourage more social workers to train as Mental Health Officers so that we can ensure that the legal and human rights of mental health service-users are fully adhered to, and ensure employability support within mental health teams, along with advice to maximise income and mitigate welfare benefit cuts.

Council agrees that there is a strong business case for getting it right on mental health in work; and further instructs the City Convener for Workforce/ Chief Executive to take forward participation in the See Me in Work Programme as a first step in incorporating the principles of the Scotland-wide See Me campaign into Council-wide service planning and delivery, to combat stigma against mental ill health." View Papers
(f)By Councillor Robert Mooney:-

"Council re-affirms its commitment to economic development and welcomes the regeneration projects across Glasgow through the City Deal, and other projects. Council also recognises the rights of all Glaswegians to be able to walk in safety and confidence, and is concerned that the introduction of shared space schemes can inadvertently lead to many blind and partially sighted people, and other street users, losing their rights to walk and travel in safety and confidence.

Without a safe walking area and a safe place to cross, shared space areas cannot be used safely by blind or partially sighted people as eye contact is impossible. Walking and moving around in such environments for deaf blind people is even more difficult.

Council resolves to ensure that economic development which leads to improvements in our street architecture are consistent with the needs of all street users, and do not become an additional barrier for disabled people." View Papers
(g)By Councillor Martha Wardrop:-

"Council notes that Glasgow's already disappointing recycling performance went backwards in 2016, with households recycling just a quarter of all waste whilst nationally the best performing council achieved over 60%; further notes that this is a long-standing disgrace and that Glasgow now lags well behind all other Scottish cities; recognises that waste collection is one of the few truly universal services the Council delivers and that many residents feel let down, especially in relation to food waste collections; and believes that a bold new approach is needed to transform Glasgow's recycling and waste collections so we build and reap the benefits of a more circular economy.

Council therefore commits to develop a new Zero Waste Strategy for the city which is ambitious in scope and well-resourced; and further commits to take immediate steps to resolve operational issues with food waste so that residents have a high quality service they can rely on." View Papers
(h)By Councillor Matt Kerr:-

"Glasgow City Council supports this city's postal workers and instructs our Chief Executive to write to the Chief executive of Royal Mail, and to the General Secretary of the CWU expressing this council's support for the CWU, and the postal workers of this city and beyond in their "Four Pillars" campaign for decent terms, conditions, pensions, and for a viable future for this essential public service as endorsed so clearly in the CWU's recent ballot for industrial action. This council is concerned at the running down of our postal service, a process accelerated since privatisation, and we support a re-nationalisation of this natural monopoly to bring the asset stripping of this service so essential to our communities to a halt." View Papers
11Emergency Motion by Councillor Susan Aitken. View Papers