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LEZ Analysis Tool - Traffic Flow and Emissions

Developed by SYSTRA this LEZ Analysis Tool models traffic flow around the proposed LEZ area in Glasgow city centre.

The model was used firstly to simulate current levels of traffic, based on observations in 2019. It was then used to estimate traffic levels following implementation of Glasgow's Low Emission Zone (LEZ) which comprises of the majority of the city centre area.  Traffic patterns are expected to change because some vehicles which do not comply with LEZ emission standards may take different routes around the city than usual. 

This data tool shows differences between current levels of traffic and traffic levels expected under the proposed LEZ, which will apply to all vehicles from 1 June 2023.

These predictions were created based on detailed data however, it should be noted there are many uncertainties in predicting how traffic behaviour may change in future.

The data tool also shows where total traffic emissions are predicted to increase (purple) and decrease (yellow).

Click to access the LEZ Analysis Tool.

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